The Arab Question, Part 2

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The Arab Question, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I presented a paper which Clifton Emahiser had published in September, 2006 titled Arabs, Friend or Foe? Now this evening, I will present another paper on the subject, which Clifton had prepared for publication that very same month, titled Both Jews & Arabs are Serpent-Seed, and while Clifton labeled this as “Part # 1”, there never was a Part # 2. Later on, he did do other follow-up papers on related aspects of this same subject under other titles, and we hope to present them as part of this series in the future.

As I also explained in The Arab Question, Part 1, Clifton and I were addressing this subject in the fall of 2006 because at that time, and even today, there are Identity Christians who express the conviction that we should somehow have empathy for Arabs, and even seek alliances with them, since Arabs are perceived as being at enmity with Jews. However nothing could be further from the truth, once the broader spectrum of history is examined outside of the modern local conflicts over a small patch of land in Palestine. In truth, the Arabs have forever been in league with the Jews, or utilized by the Jews, in their long-sought destruction of Christendom. In the Christian era, that situation began in the early 7th century BC, and it persists on a broad scale to this very day.

The race-mixing of White Christians with African Arabs and Negroes is currently being rather aggressively promoted by government agencies in Europe as a way to have “peace”, “equality” and “tolerance”. This is especially true in Germany and Sweden. In England there are so-called “grooming gangs”, which are organized Islamic gangs intent on targeting and either enticing or forcibly raping young White girls, girls who are often as young as ten years of age. Once they are compromised, these girls are forced into participating in continual sexual acts with adult Arab males. The gangs often operate freely, and sometimes, as in cases like Rotherham or Rochdale, they are even protected by local authorities, which are often so afraid of being called “racist” that they purposely harass anyone who tries to call them into account for allowing these gangs to operate, all “for fear of the Jews” who control British politics and the British media.

There are even occasions where the parents of girls abused in this manner had been arrested when they tried to complain, because the authorities would rather perpetuate injustice and the destruction of the British people rather than admit that the great egalitarian experiment is an abject failure that can only result in the complete destruction of the native British people and culture. I would be surprised if such grooming gangs are not operating here in America, where tens of thousands of children disappear every year, never to be seen again. Whenever a child disappears, nobody in a position of authority ever imagines that law enforcement agents should be checking the basements of mosques and synagogues. The grooming gangs are part of a purposeful Islamic holy war against White Christian Europe, and they are protected by the Jewish-controlled media and politicians. Even when members of such gangs must be arrested, they are often given light sentences, or not even jailed for their actions. Some judges go so far as dismissing cases based on “cultural differences” or “misunderstandings” of Western law, as if admitting that native law has no authority over foreign intruders, even when the natives are supposedly still in power. This has been the result in several recent notable rape cases in Europe. So the logical question is that if he laws and customs of a people no longer have any effect in their own country, then who is really ruling that country?

We have asserted that the religion of Islam is a contrivance of the Jews, and so is Freemasonry, which we have discussed at length in our series of presentations on the Protocols of Satan. Freemasonry, and especially the branch of Masonry known as the Shriners, are fascinated by all things Arab, and they even openly promote Islam in their insignia and accoutrements. These connections are not coincidental. I would esteem Islam to be Judaism for the non-White desert goyim, and Freemasonry to be Judaism for the White goyim.

Returning to our topic, which is the nature of Arabs, this subject has impacted the world around us in ways that not even many Identity Christians comprehend. With the spread of Islam into Iberia, Greece, Sicily and parts of southern Italy, and sometimes also southern France and other places in Europe, both Jews and Arabs freely intermingled at their own pleasure with the local Christian populations which they dominated, even if only for a time. Clifton gave an example of this from the 1980 edition of Collier’s Encyclopedia, where citing the article on Muslims in Spain, he said:

Again, from the 1980 Collier’s Encyclopedia, volume 17, page 80, under the topic “Muslims”, and the sub-topic “The Ommiad Caliphate of Spain”, we read the following:

“... So many native Christians adopted Islam and intermarried with the conquerors that the original Muslim stock was thoroughly blended with the local peoples ...” [meaning the people of Spain and Portugal.]

When the Reconquista was finally successful, over 700 years after the first invasions of the Moors, these Arabized bastards were never driven out of the Iberian peninsula, they merely changed their religion back to that of the Catholic Church. So the blood of the Arab conquerors has been dominant in Spain and Portugal ever since.

The subsequent spread of the presumed Spanish and Portuguese throughout the Caribbean and the Americas brought many mixed, or Arab, Spaniards and Portuguese into all of the areas settled by the Spanish and Portuguese, as well as many converso-Jews. In Medieval literature, and in modern literature written about the period, these converso-Jews are called by the euphemism of “New Christians”, as opposed to the traditional and original White Christians of Spain and Portugal. During the Inquisition, large numbers of these so-called “New Christians” fled on the ships of the Conquistadors, hoping to find places in the New World where they may safely practice their Judaism.

The material which I am about to present in order to support that assertion I have seen described in many other and earlier sources. But here I will cite more a recent book, by one Edward Kritzler, published in London by JR Books in 2009, which is titled Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean. First, on page 47 Krtizler wrote, where he speaks of the Spanish Crown under the rule of Ferdinand and Isabella:

As early as 1501, the Crown published an edict that "Moors, Jews, heretics, reconciliados [repentants – those who returned to the church], and New Christians are not to be allowed to go to the Indies." Yet in 1508, the bishop of Cuba reported, "practically every ship [arriving in Havana] is filled with Hebrews and New Christians." Such decrees banning them, followed by letters home complaining of their continued arrival, were a regular occurrence.

Here it must be noted that even in the 15th century, and much earlier than that, Jews were mistaken by European scholars and clerics for Hebrews. Scholars have always taken for granted the claims of the Jews themselves concerning Scripture and history, and therefore many errors have been perpetuated throughout the centuries. Kritzler continues:

Conversos with the aptitude and capital to develop colonial trade, comfortable in a Hispanic society, yet seeking to put distance between themselves and the homeland of the Inquisition, made their way to the New World. No licenses were required for the crew of a ship, and as many were owned by conversos, they signed on as sailors and jumped ship. Servants also didn't need a license or exit visa, so that a Jew who obtained one by whatever means could take others along as household staff.

Here for his citation from the Catholic bishop of Cuba Kritzler had cited a 1970 book titled The Jews in New Spain (Miami: University of Miami Press, 1970), which was written by a Jew named Seymour B. Liebman. I remember some years ago having read another citation which was made from that same letter, but unfortunately, I cannot remember the source. It certainly was not from Leibman. The letter continued by warning its recipients that on account of the large number of Jews who had immigrated into Havana, the Spanish were in danger of losing Havana as a Catholic city. That situation alarmed the local Spanish bishop, for which reason the letter was written. In 1508, the recipient of that letter was either Joana of Castile, or her father, Ferdinand II, who continued to rule Aragon until his own death in 1516. Spain was once again divided into separate kingdoms upon the death of Isabella in 1504, where Castile and Leon were left to Joana, until the death of her father in 1516, who then left to her Aragon. Among Joana’s sisters were queens of Portugal and England.

Writing of a somewhat later period, Kritzler states that:

The first openly Jewish settlement in the New World was in Brazil. In 1624, the Dutch captured Brazil's capital, Bahia, from Portugal with an invasion force that included "several dozen declared Jews." The invaders were assisted by local conversos who had gotten word that an Inquisition office was to be established in their province, where two hundred of them were living as counterfeit Christians. A year later, King Philip IV of Spain sent a twelve-thousand-man army and temporarily threw the Dutch out. Afterward, the Inquisitor's report charged: "[Secret Jews] had written Holland and asked the Dutch to liberate them … had initiated plans for the invasion and agreed to share its costs. [The] Heretics had suckled at the breast of the Mother Church [and when the Dutch came] … openly professed the Jewish faith." In 1630, Holland's forces again invaded. Landing north of Bahia, they conquered Recife and surrounding provinces in northeast Brazil. Under Dutch protection, a Jewish community thrived there for twenty-four years. They called their congregation Zur Israel (Rock of Israel), marketed sugar, and taxed Jewish privateers 3 percent of their booty. Sugar and piracy transformed Recife into the richest trading port in the New World outside of Havana, and Jews, integral participants in both industries, lived a high life. Their favorite pastimes may be glimpsed from what they outlawed: Synagogue leaders banned card playing on Friday afternoon (as too many members missed Sabbath service), and levied whopping fines on members caught taking Christian women into the mikvah, the ritual bath.

The mikvah is a Jewish bath, usually used for purposes of ritual purification. Evidently, the first shiksa in the mikvah may have been Eve, although the analogy is not so explicit as it is described in Genesis chapter 3. In any event, the same problem certainly persists to this very day, and now serpents are seducing White women everywhere.

In the video below, racist Hollywood Jews William Shatner and Fran Dresher joke about blonde, blue-eyed shiksas. Shiksa is a derogatory term for a White female coupled with a Jewish male.

Here Kritzler candidly described the race-mixing of wealthy Jews with Christian women, whether Iberian or Dutch, in early Brazil. But Brazil was not the only place so affected by these early Jewish settlers. Among other Jewish media and academic institutions, the Kritzler book was embraced by the Jewish media outlet, The Jerusalem Post, and its own review of the material highlights Jamaica as an early settlement of Jewish pirates. It also describes how the Jews of Jamaica had close ties to Jews in France and England. Kingston, Jamaica, was estimated to be 20 percent Jewish in 1720. The article also freely admits the Jewish identity of famous pirates such as Jean Lafitte, and how such criminals had established their presence in places such as Galveston, New Orleans, and elsewhere in Central and South America and throughout the Caribbean.

When a so-called Hispanic or Latino looks like an Arab or a Jew, there is a good reason for it, because he certainly is an Arab or a Jew, but in reality, there is no real difference between Arabs and Jews, as both groups are an amalgamation of the same process of race-mixing which has been practiced by either group for many, many centuries. It is no coincidence, that so many Israeli weddings have been suicide-bombed by Arabs who merely walked in the front door pretending to be guests. The only real difference is in their clothing, which can easily be changed. Both Jews and Arabs share the same spectrum of racial diversity because they both came from the same cauldron of racial corruption, and now most Hispanics also have a share in that same origin. The process of racial amalgamation which has occurred in that portion of the New World settled by the Iberians is only an extension of that same process which began in the Mediterranean and Middle East centuries earlier. It was the same Jewish agenda of racial corruption that brought such diversity to the Old World that has also brought it to the New World, and it continues today. We can readily see the consequences of ancient diversity in Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, and later, in Mexico, Haiti, and Cuba and other “shithole countries” around the globe, but we always fail to learn the lessons of history. Jewish organizations such as the ADL and the SPLC serve as propaganda outlets and watchdogs for the Jews, whose function is to protect that agenda from scrutiny.

So with this, we shall present and discuss Clifton Emahiser’s paper:


This will be a sequel to my brochure entitled Arabs, Friend Or Foe? I put that flyer together with the help of William Finck with his letter to me [of] August 6, 2006 where Bill stated: “So that you know, this is what I’ve been writing concerning the situation in Palestine, which of course reflects my full position on the subject.” If you want to know the entirety of that paper, you will need to obtain a copy. In that essay pertaining to the arabs, it was clearly demonstrated that the arabs were as satanic as the jews. This is the subject that I will address in this pamphlet.

As a digression, Clifton always called his essays “pamphlets” or “brochures”, because that was their original format. I prefer to call them essays, because the writing is more important than the format, especially once it moves to other formats. But I do not think that Clifton imagined that his writings would even be posted on the Internet, and shared so widely, when he began his ministry in 1998.

I had sent that letter to Clifton because I knew he was about to write on the topic, and I wanted him to know my own general positions on the subject ahead of time. As I explained when I recently presented that first paper here, Clifton and I often worked together on our subjects, and if he had any differences of opinion, before publishing them I wanted to give him the opportunity to see my own and to discuss our differences. That is one aspect of our cooperation together, but we nevertheless researched our subjects independently, and if our results were ever different, we also discussed that. Of course, being in prison in 2006 I had no access to the internet, so with this paper, Clifton takes a turn down a path where I could not follow, except for whatever materials he may have sent me. Often, when he was sending me his papers to proofread, Clifton would send entire articles or chapters from books which he was citing, which helped me consider the overall context of his sources. Sometimes he sent me entire books.

Before continuing, I must also discuss what it is that we consider satanic, in the sense that it is used here. The serpent of Genesis chapter 3 is not the only individual satan. We read in the Revelation, in chapter 12, that a third of the angels of heaven had been drawn off to side with Satan, the original Adversary, in his rebellion against God. In Genesis, we see an entire tree of the “knowledge of good and evil” represented by that serpent, who according to the Revelation of Christ is indeed the devil and Satan. So we would assert that every branch on that tree, and each one of those individual angels, is also an adversary, or satan. The word satan essentially means adversary. So as an adjective, something satanic is merely something which is adversarial. As a noun, Christ had even called Peter satan, because Peter argued against Him and denied something which Christ had professed was the will of God. In the overall Biblical context, something adversarial is something which is adverse to the laws or to the Word of God. Therefore every bastard is a walking satan, and that includes every Jew or Arab, as they are all bastards. Here I think that I can speak for Clifton, and claim that he would also have understood the term satanic in that same manner.

Continuing with Clifton’s paper, I looked through his electronic documents but could locate the correspondence of which he is about to speak:

A friend of mine ran a search on the Internet, checking out what he could find concerning the genetics of the arabs in relation to the jews. His E-mail read: “I pulled together a few sources that hopefully can aid you in your discussion of the Arabs. Some of these sources of information in discussing the similarity between Kenite (‘Jewish’) DNA and that of the Palestinian (Arab) are very interesting! You can find more sources by searching at a search engine such as for such combined keywords as ‘genetic’, ‘genes’, ‘jews’, ‘arabs’, ‘dna’.”

Clifton did save a few hundred of his emails in text documents, but evidently not this particular email. Now he continues to discuss it:

This party sent me the addresses of three websites to check out, and while the scientific evidence is very damning to both jew and arab, some of the nonscientific postulations, conjecture and abuse of terms made by these sources do not correspond entirely with history or Scripture. Therefore this paper will be written as a critical review. But as to the DNA evidence presented by these sources, we can hardly question their veracity. I will quote the following as presented, and you, the reader will have to judge for yourself just what to accept or reject. At the end, I will make some of my own critical observations. Like so many good sources, these are not entirely without error.

Clifton’s critical observations in this paper were often rather terse. That is because he originally wrote these essays for a pamphlet, or brochure, as he had already informed us. For that reason most of my own prison essays which were written for Clifton are also rather terse, but now I am no longer bound by the pamphlet format, so I probably should rewrite most of them once I have the time. The format Clifton used for his pamphlets was both sides of an 8 ½ by 14” sheet of paper, which afforded perhaps 2,500 to 2,800 words, if memory serves me correctly, and for that reason comments often had to be very concise. So he continues with his first citation for this subject:

At the website FoundationStone [in an article which is still available as we present this] I found:

Semitic Genetics: With a new technique based on the male or Y chromosome, biologists have traced the diaspora of Jewish populations from the dispersals that began in 586 B.C. to the modern communities of Europe and the Middle East.”

Clifton noted in a parenthetical remark here that: “‘Semitic Genetics’ is an abuse of the term Semitic.” He continues citing the article:

“The analysis provides genetic witness that these communities have, to a remarkable extent, retained their biological identity separate from their host populations, evidence of relatively little intermarriage or conversion into Judaism over the centuries. Jews, Palestinians, and Syrians share a genetic link.”

Here I must interject and assert that nobody has any certain sample of the DNA of the people of Judah from 586 BC, or even from the time of Christ. What is valid in the article, however, is the evidence of the genetic links between modern Jews and Arabs, which is what Clifton is seeking to demonstrate, and which the article corroborates. But that does not prove that today’s Jews and Arabs are the same as the people of ancient Judah. Clifton’s citation continues:

“Another finding, paradoxical but unsurprising, is that by the yardstick of the Y chromosome, the world’s Jewish communities closely resemble not only each other but also Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese, suggesting that all are descended from a common ancestral population that inhabited the Middle East some four thousand years ago.”

Again, the article cannot correctly assume that the common ancestral population was of Judah, or even Israelite or Hebrew, or even the preponderant population of the ancient Middle East. We would assert that the common ancestral population was Canaanite, which would include the Edomites and Ishmaelites and all others who later mixed with the Canaanites. Again continuing with Clifton's citation:

“Dr. Lawrence H. Schiffman, chairman of the department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies at New York University, said the study fit with historical evidence that Jews originated in the Near East and with biblical evidence suggesting that there were a variety of families and types in the original population. He said the finding would cause ‘a lot of discussion of the relationship of scientific evidence to the manner in which we evaluate long-held academic and personal religious positions,’ like the question of who is a Jew.”

And of course Schiffman, being a Jew himself, has the same biases and false assumptions that claim that the modern Jews are ancient Israelites, when in fact they were originally Edomites who had inter-mingled with some Judahites, through a historical process which was described by Flavius Josephus, and which Paul of Tarsus had also mentioned, for example in Romans chapter 9. Continuing again:

“The study, reported in today’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, was conducted by Dr. Michael F. Hammer of the University of Arizona with colleagues in the United States, Italy, Israel, England and South Africa. The results accord with Jewish history and tradition and refute theories like those holding that Jewish communities consist mostly of converts from other faiths, or that they are descended from the Khazars, a medieval Turkish tribe that adopted Judaism.

The Khazar hypothesis was popularized in modern times by the Jew Arthur Koestler, but was found much earlier and described in detail as history, in the History of the Jews by 19th century Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz. We may reject the hypothesis on its surface, that non-Jews converted en masse to become the modern so-called Ashkenazi Jews. However there certainly does appear to be sound historical evidence supporting the proposition that in the Byzantine period, Edomite Jewish populations in and around the Caucasus Mountains had mixed with both Aryan and Turkic peoples, all three populations contributing to the formation of the Khazar Empire which thrived in the region of the Black and Caspian Seas from the 7th through the 10th centuries. So many Ashkenazi Jews have Aryan and Turkic appearances, because they are an amalgamation of those races, while many Sephardic Jews are more Arab or even Negro in appearance, because they mixed at a greater frequency with those races.

To clarify another false assumption: the Ashkenazi Jews do not call themselves by that name because they think that they came from Ashkenaz, a son of the Biblical Gomer, who was in turn a son of Japheth. Rather, Ashkenazi Jews call themselves that because in the Medieval period they began writing in Germany, and the Jews of Europe had claimed that the Germans were of Ashkenaz. This is very clear in the writing of Medieval European rabbis. So for a Jew to use the label “Ashkenazi Jew” is the same as a non-Jew referring to a so-called “German Jew”. But of course, it is not at all true that the Germans are of Ashkenaz.

Again, Clifton continues his citation:

“The analysis by Dr. Hammer and colleagues is based on the Y chromosome, which is passed unchanged from father to son. Early in human evolution, all but one of the Y chromosomes were lost as their owners had no children or only daughters, so that all Y chromosomes today are descended from that of a single genetic Adam who is estimated to have lived about 140,000 years ago [?].

Of course, all of this is pure conjecture, and Clifton illustrated his own doubt with a comment consisting only of a single question mark. So continuing:

“In principle, all men should therefore carry the identical sequence of DNA letters on their Y chromosomes, but in fact occasional misspellings have occurred, and because each misspelling is then repeated in subsequent generations, the branching lineages of errors form a family tree rooted in the original Adam.

This is once again conjecture mixing false presumptions from evolutionary biology with an insistence on a monogenesis, or a single origin, for all anthropoids. The article continues:

“These variant spellings are in DNA that is not involved in the genes and therefore has no effect on the body. But the type and abundance of the lineages in each population serve as genetic signature by which to compare different populations.

Here the paper denies its own conclusions, as there certainly are marked differences in the physical anatomy of the various races of so-called man. The citation continues:

“Based on these variations, Dr. Hammer identified 19 variations in the Y chromosome family tree. The ancestral Middle East population from which both Arabs and Jews are descended was a mixture of men from eight of these lineages.

“Among major contributors to the ancestral Arab-Jewish population were men who carried what Dr. Hammer calls the ‘Med’ lineage. This Y chromosome is found all round the Mediterranean and in Europe and may have been spread by the Neolithic inventors of agriculture or perhaps by the voyages of sea-going people like the Phoenicians.

Here Clifton makes an appropriate note in reference to this article’s conclusion, which says: Rather by arabs & slaves brought into Europe. We must agree. Arab and Jewish genes were spread around the Mediterranean basin first by Canaanite and Edomite merchants, mostly in the Roman period, and later in the many Arab incursions into Christian Europe. The historical Phoenicians were fair and blond, something which is attested to in many examples of classical Greek literature. Again, Clifton continues his citation:

“Another lineage common in the ancestral Arab-Jewish gene pool is found among today’s Ethiopians and may have reached the Middle East by men who traveled down the Nile. But present-day Ethiopian Jews lack some of the other lineages found in Jewish communities, and overall are more like non-Jewish Ethiopians than other Jewish populations, at least in terms of their Y chromosome lineage pattern.

Here Clifton has a note which says: Elephantine bad-fig-jews spread into Ethiopia?” There was once a colony of Judaean mercenaries at Elephantine, which is an island in the Nile River and served as the ancient border between Egypt and Ethiopia. In the 5th century BC a model of the temple in Jerusalem was built there, and documents have been discovered that shed light on this history which are known as the Elephantine Papyri. But it is also likely that a later influx of Jews came into Ethiopia in significant numbers during the years leading up to the Islamic conquests, as there were many Jews in Arabia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria, and also Khazaria, who had been driven from various parts of the Byzantine Roman Empire after the acceptance and implementation of Christianity by the Greeks and Romans. Continuing the citation:

“The ancestral pattern of lineages is recognizable in today’s Arab and Jewish populations, but is distinct from that of European populations and both groups differ widely from sub-Saharan Africans.

“Each Arab and Jewish community has its own flavor of the ancestral pattern, reflecting their different genetic histories. Roman Jews have a pattern quite similar to that of Ashkenazis, the Jewish community of Eastern Europe. Dr. Hammer said the finding accorded with the hypothesis that Roman Jews were the ancestors of the Ashkenazis. Despite the Ashkenazi Jews’ long residence in Europe, their Y signature has remained distinct from that of non-Jewish Europeans.

We would agree, that many Jews left Byzantium after the acceptance of Christianity, and fled to Khazaria where they also intermarried with the local Aryans and Turks. [Bringing many shiksas into their mikvahs, as they did later in Brazil.] Continuing the citation:

“On the assumption that there have been 80 generations since the founding of the Ashkenazi population, Dr. Hammer and colleagues calculate that the rate of genetic admixture with Europeans has been less than half a percent per generation.

“Jewish law tracing back almost 2,000 years states that Jewish affiliation is determined by maternal ancestry, so the Y chromosome study addresses the question of how much non-Jewish men may have contributed to Jewish genetic diversity.

“Dr. Hammer was surprised to find how little that contribution was: ‘It could be that wherever Jews were, they were very much isolated,’ he said. The close genetic affinity between Jews and Arabs, at least by the Y chromosome yardstick, is reflected in the Genesis account of how Abraham fathered Ishmael by his wife’s maid Hagar and, when Sarah was then able to conceive, Isaac. Although Muslims have a different version of the story, they regard Abraham and Ishmael, or Ismail, as patriarchs just as Jews do Abraham and Isaac. - Nicholas Wade, New York Times, May, 2000.”

Of course, the Koran was written by Jews, and the Biblical history was absconded by Jews to suit their own political purposes, and they have used it as a weapon against Christendom ever since. As we have said, it is Canaan and Esau, and not Abraham, who are the true patriarchs of both Jews and Arabs, although to a lesser degree they can claim partial descent from Israel or Ishmael. Now Clifton responds:

Nicholas Wade said: “This Y chromosome is found all round the Mediterranean and in Europe and may have been spread by the Neolithic inventors of agriculture or perhaps by the voyages of sea-going people like the Phoenicians.” [So Clifton says:] This is pure speculation on Wade’s part, as neither the jew nor the arab were agriculturists nor sea-going.

Wade further stated: “... Roman Jews have a pattern quite similar to that of Ashkenazis, the Jewish community of Eastern Europe. Dr. Hammer said the finding accorded with the hypothesis that Roman Jews were the ancestors of the Ashkenazis. Despite the Ashkenazi Jews’ long residence in Europe, their Y signature has remained distinct from that of non-Jewish Europeans.”

[So Clifton responds:] It depends here just what Dr. Hammer considers “Roman Jews”. Surely he is not referring to the jews of the earlier Roman Empire of the west. If he is referring to the eastern Roman Empire, yes, that could be linked to the decline of Rome up until the fall of Constantinople in 1453 when it fell to the turks and arabs, at which time the jews followed behind them into the city.

Actually, Jews inside of Constantinople opened the gates of that city to its enemies, in assistance of the Turks. Clifton continues:

Dr. Hammer also observes: “Jewish law tracing back almost 2,000 years states that Jewish affiliation is determined by maternal ancestry, so the Y chromosome study addresses the question of how much non-Jewish men may have contributed to Jewish genetic diversity.”

[Now Clifton replies:] This statement by Dr. Hammer is right on target. All jews trace their lineage through their mother’s side back throughout infinite generations. All true Israelites trace their lineage back through their father’s side throughout infinite generations!

Actually, strict adherence to the concept of matrilineal descent, although it is considered orthodox among Jews, has always varied in history and in reality it is only propaganda. All Jewish sects have allowed conversion, and children from a converted mother were always admitted as Jews. So when children were born to the shiksa in the mikvah, they were always accepted as Jews, and commonly intermarried with presumably “real” Jews. Even the Wikipedia article on the subject, Genetic Studies on Jews, and especially the debates and the spin over the Mitochondrial DNA evidence, proves that Jews never truly practiced their concept of matrilineal descent, although their own orthodoxy claims it as a practice. Nevertheless, Clifton continues and responds by agreeing on this issue, and saying:

This should wave a red flag to all who proclaim the false concept that the jews are Israelites!

And this is correct. The patriarchs of the twelve tribes of Israel all having had wives of other Adamic tribes, who knows what the Mitochondrial DNA (Mt-DNA) of each may have looked like? But the authors of our Scriptures reckoned tribal affiliations through the father, and – this is the important part – so long as the mother was of an acceptable nation, and then the children were also acceptable. Today’s genetic scientists only assume that they know how, when and why variations in Mt-DNA occur, and they pretend to be able to extrapolate mutations back in time to claim genetic connections between people with obvious differences in Mt-DNA. So no Mt-DNA study can truly be trusted as long as these false presumptions are upheld by the authors. Clifton continues:

Then Dr. Hammer makes this comment postulation: “The close genetic affinity between Jews and Arabs, at least by the Y chromosome yardstick, is reflected in the Genesis account of how Abraham fathered Ishmael by his wife’s maid Hagar and, when Sarah was then able to conceive, Isaac.”

[Now Clifton responds:] It would be more surprising if the jews and arabs didn’t have some genetic characteristics of Abraham, but that doesn’t account for their close genetic affinity with Syrians, Palestinians, Lebanese, Khazars, Ethiopians and turks. Further, it wouldn’t account for why the jews and arabs have no genetic chromosomes of the White European people who are true Israelites and legitimate full-blooded descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

Well, actually, Clifton jumped to a conclusion here, and there certainly are genes in common with Whites and at least many Jews and Arabs, but that is because both Jews and Arabs are mixed from Whites with other races. However the point which Clifton is trying to make is that Whites are indeed genetically distinct from Jews and Arabs, and that the true Israelites and Hebrews were indeed White. He continues by citing another article which substantiates the genetic connections between Jews and Arabs:

From the website, 01-23-2006, 10: 04 AM we read the following:

Actually, the page which Clifton cites here from is no longer available. However that page was in turn citing an academic study, and I have found another posting of the study and now have a copy which I can make available in PDF Format with this presentation. The original paper was an academic study published in 2000, of which the title is High-resolution Y chromosome haplotypes of Israeli and Palestinian Arabs reveal geographic substructure and substantial overlap with haplotypes of Jews. The website seems to have made an error in formatting when it cited the original study, so I will slightly modify Clifton’s representation of it here. Clifton, following the website, cited the opening part of the study, which states:

Abstract: High-resolution Y chromosome haplotype analysis was performed in 143 paternally unrelated Israeli and Palestinian Moslem Arabs (I&P Arabs) by screening for 11 binary polymorphisms and six microsatellite loci. Two frequent haplotypes were found among the 83 detected: the modal haplotype of the I&P Arabs (~14%) was spread throughout the region, while its one-step microsatellite neighbor, the modal haplotype of the Galilee sample (~8%), was mainly restricted to the north. Geographic substructuring within the Arabs was observed in the highlands of Samaria and Judea. Y chromosome variation in the I&P Arabs was compared to that of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, and to that of North Welsh individuals.

[The ~ (tilde) signifies “approximately” in logic, science and math.]

We would assert that the North Welsh are descended from among the first of the ancient Israelites to settle in western Europe, who were later called Phoenicians by the Greeks, so it is interesting that they were used in this study as the most likely candidates whose DNA would be thought to be unrelated to either Jews or Arabs.

The Welsh here are a control group. If they had the same similarities in their DNA as the other groups, then different conclusions must be deduced, and if not, then the similarities between Jews and Arabs lead to the conclusions that are given here. Other European nations had Jewish populations in historic times, and therefore there would be greater risk that some members of those populations were mixed with Jews. A paragraph further on in the study explains this, where it says:

The North Welsh, a representative European Caucasian population (Darke et al. 1998; Sellers et al. 1999), were included in the analysis because they do not have a known history of admixture with Jewish communities. The data obtained from the Welsh therefore allowed us to examine possible gene flow from Europeans to Ashkenazi Jews during the diaspora. The group of Welsh analyzed included 94 males unrelated at the paternal grandfather level. The samples were collected from villages around Llangefni, a town in North Wales. The study was approved by the Hebrew University Committee for Ethics in Research.

Now we shall continue with Clifton’s citation of this study, where in the version which he had used, a subtitle was added, but in the original publication of the study this is really only a continuation of the same paragraph:

“At the haplogroup level, defined by the binary polymorphisms only, the Y chromosome distribution in Arabs and Jews was similar but not identical. At the haplotype level, determined by both binary and micro satellite markers, a more detailed pattern was observed. Single-step microsatellite networks of Arab and Jewish haplotypes revealed a common pool for a large portion of Y chromosomes, suggesting a relatively recent common ancestry. The two modal haplotypes in the I&P Arabs were closely related to the most frequent haplotype of Jews (the Cohen modal haplotype). However, the I&P Arab clade that includes the two Arab modal haplotypes (and makes up 32% of Arab chromosomes) is found at only very low frequency among Jews, reflecting divergence and/or admixture from other populations.”

Of course, “Cohen modal type” is a misnomer, as none of the Jews were properly Levites, cohen meaning priest in Hebrew. Jews only claim that this type of DNA, which is predominant among them, must have belonged to the priests, but there is no proof of such claims outside of their own assertions.

The abstract of such a study is a summary and conclusion of the data. In the actual body of the study even more conclusive statements are made concerning the DNA evidence which proves the relationship between Arabs and Jews.

Now Clifton cites his third source corroborating that assertion, but that source article is now no longer available in its original location. As of this podcast presentation, a portion of it is preserved at the forum for the website Another representation of the same is found at The Hemlock Tea Room website. When I created Clifton’s website, I located and preserved the entire article, which is found on his website under the title Family feud?? by Sarah Elshazly, an Arab herself.

Here is Clifton’s citation of the now-missing article:

From the website [for the History News Network of the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at George Washington University], from an article which is no longer available there:

“Palestinians, however, differ from other Arabs in some ways. As the web site for Harper’s Magazine reported, one study showed that Jews and Palestinians have common ancestry that is so recent that it is highly likely that at least some of the Palestinian blood actually descends from Jews. [3] Another study by New York University confirmed a remarkable similarity between Jewish and Palestinian genes…

“According to several other studies, Palestinians and Jews are genetically closer to each other than either is to the Arabs of Arabia or to Europeans [5]. A study of congenital deafness identified an allele limited to Palestinian[s] and Jews of Ashkenazi origin (those who lived in Europe in recent centuries), suggesting a common origin. Furthermore, Y-chromosome polymorphism is very similar among Palestinians and Sephardic Jews. [6]. While current studies show a lot of similarities and genetic closeness may be used to confirm claims of both sides to Israel/Palestine…

Here either Clifton or his source had omitted a portion of the original article where the author seems to be in subjective denial of the evidence, evidently hoping that perhaps it will be disproved in the future. Nevertheless, it continues by discussing further proof of the relationship:

“... Several studies have shown that Palestinians have a larger than usual (among Arabs) [amount of] European blood. This may be explained by the Crusades and the establishment of a Crusader Kingdom in medieval times. It is highly likely that at least some percentage of the Palestinian population mixed with Europeans, either through intermarriage or rape of Arab women by Europeans, as well as European women by Arabs. Additionally, cities with significant Palestinian populations, including Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem, are sites of many Christian holy landmarks, which draw a large number of European tourists. This, too, may have played a role in the disproportionate amount of European genes found among Palestinians.”

First, there were large numbers of Greeks and Romans settled in the Levant in historic times, who would have remained a part of the general population well after the Islamic conquests. But even these conclusions reached here are countered by a more recent study titled Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by Culture which shows that the original population of the Middle East was similar to that of Europe, and was more recently restructured, to form the population characteristic of the current inhabitants. We discussed this study and others in our presentation Dumbing Down on David Duke.

Now Clifton is citing yet another study, although he did not properly explain that in his original essay. This following citation is from an article available in several places on the Internet, including [screenshot]. I will slightly reformat Clifton’s reproduction:

“Jews Are The Genetic Brothers Of Palestinians, Syrians, And Lebanese

“Source: New York University Medical Center And School Of Medicine

“Date: May 9, 2000:

“Summary: If a common heritage conferred peace, then perhaps the long history of conflict in the Middle East would have been resolved years ago. For, according to a new scientific study, Jews are the genetic brothers of Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese, and they all share a common genetic lineage that stretches back thousands of years..…

Here I will insert a paragraph that either Clifton or his original source had omitted:

"Jews and Arabs are all really children of Abraham," says Harry Ostrer, M.D., Director of the Human Genetics Program at New York University School of Medicine, an author of the new study by an international team of researchers in the United States, Europe, and Israel. "And all have preserved their Middle Eastern genetic roots over 4,000 years," he says.

Of course, we would refute the connection to Abraham, and we have already discussed the true historical connections between Arabs and Jews, found in the Edomites and other Canaanites. Continuing the citation:

“The researchers analyzed the Y chromosome, which is usually passed unchanged from father to son, of more than 1,000 men worldwide. Throughout human history, alterations have occurred in the sequence of chemical bases that make up the DNA in this so-called male chromosome, leaving variations that can be pinpointed with modern genetic techniques. Related populations carry the same specific variations. In this way, scientists can track descendants of large populations and determine their common ancestors.

Here Clifton made a notation where he asserted that much of this paragraph is conjecture. I would certainly agree, that scientists use a claim of DNA “alterations” only to give false support to their belief in evolutionary biology. We would assert that supposed humans have such differences in their DNA because they really do not all have the same origin, and much mixing between supposed “people” of different origins has occurred over the centuries to further confuse the matter. Of course, we would also assert that both Arabs and Jews have been at the vanguard of such race-mixing throughout history. Continuing with his citation:

“Specific regions of the Y chromosome were analyzed in 1,371 men from 29 worldwide populations, including Jews and non-Jews from the Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe.

“The study, published in the May 9 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that Jewish men shared a common set of genetic signatures with non-Jews from the Middle East, including Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese, and these signatures diverged significantly from non-Jewish men outside of this region. Consequently, Jews and Arabs share a common ancestor and are more closely related to one another than to non-Jews from other areas of the world.

We may call it the “Satan signature”. Here I will insert and comment on another section of two paragraphs that either Clifton or his original source had omitted:

“The study also revealed that despite the complex history of Jewish migration in the Diaspora (the time since 556 B.C. when Jews migrated out of Palestine), Jewish communities have generally not intermixed with non-Jewish populations. If they had, then Jewish men from different regions of the world would not share the same genetic signatures in their Y chromosome.

We have already asserted that this too is conjecture. It is only assumed, even by Jews, that they are truly the Israelites of the Old Testament, and the truth of that assumption is always taken for granted, when it is actually not true at all. Upon close examination, it can readily be demonstrated that the historical, Biblical, and DNA evidence all coalesce to support and corroborate the Christian Identity truth of Bible and history.

The DNA evidence presented here, and the links between Jews and Arabs, proves our Christian Identity assertions concerning the Bible and the history of the Middle East, rather than disproving them.

When the Israelites and Judahites were removed from Palestine, the Canaanites were left behind, and with the Edomites, they had moved into the land left vacant by the deportations. When only a few score thousand Judahites returned, they should have had very different genetics from the surrounding Canaanite population. Flavius Josephus describes their forced conversions to Judaism in the time of the Maccabees. But those Judahites who had intermarried with the Canaanites and Edomites rejected Christ, and those who did not became Christians, according to the New Testament itself. So the Jewish genome reflects the Canaanite and Edomite nature of the Jews, and for that reason they are so closely related to the Arabs.

We shall continue with the citation:

"Because ancient Jewish law states that Jewish religious affiliation is assigned maternally, our study afforded the opportunity to assess the contribution of non-Jewish men to present-day Jewish genetic diversity," says Michael Hammer, Ph.D., from the University of Arizona, Tucson, who is the lead author of the new study. "It was surprising to see how significant the Middle Eastern genetic signal was in Jewish men from different communities in the Diaspora," he says.

And of course, none of this “law” is found in Scripture, it is only found in the Talmud, the traditions which Christ Himself had disclaimed, and which His apostles never maintained. They are not Hebrew law, but rather, they are pagan Canaanite customs brought into Judaism by the Edomite and Canaanite Jews, those who “say they are Judaeans, but are not” who are of the synagogue of Satan. Now the citation concludes with the credits:

“The authors of this study are: Dr. Ostrer from NYU School of Medicine; Michael F. Hammer, Alan J. Redd, Elizabeth T. Wood, M. Roxane Bonner, Hamdi Jarjanazil, and Tanya Karafet from the University of Arizona, Tucson; Silvana Santachlara-Benerecetti, University of Pavia, Italy; Ariella Oppenheim, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Mark A. Jobling, University of Leicester, England; Trefor Jenkins, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa; and Batsheva Bonne-Tamar, Tel Aviv University, Israel.”

At the end of this short article, Clifton inserted the comment “Historical slips not fully addressed”, which may be a reference to the few paragraphs he excluded, which are peripheral to the matter at hand, in regard to which Clifton now remarks saying:

One cannot fully comprehend the racial makeup of the arabs and jews unless he understands the history of Egypt from A.D. 639 until the time of Napoleon I in 1798. The history of Egypt during this period is essentially the history of the entire Middle East. Genghis Khan in his exploits left a mongol genetic flavor to the population wherever he conquered new territory. Egypt, during this period found herself under various ruler-ships. In A.D. 639 the arabs invaded Egypt and came to power. Next were the Fatimids [of Arab origin] in A.D. 909. After this came the Ayyubids [of Kurdish origin] in 1174. Then in 1517 A.D. came the Mamelukes [evidently a class of Turkic or Circassian slave-warriors in the Middle East who seized power] , followed by the Ottomans [of Turkic origin] when Egypt was governed from Istanbul [once Constantinople, and even earlier, Byzantium]. If you don’t understand the history of the Middle East during this period, don’t pretend you know all about the arabs and jews today!

In the 1200’s, Genghis Khan sold a company of slaves to the Sultan of Egypt made up of turks and Circassians (people who inhabited the Caucasus, not to be confused with the white Caucasians; some appear White but others Arab – WRF), to become the Sultan’s body guards, and were also trained as soldiers. Soon the Mamelukes overthrew the Egyptian Sultan and put their own sultan in power. The Mameluke sultans then overran Asia Minor, Syria, and the island of Cyprus. In the wake of all these arab and turk exploits, the population was left with a multiracial flavor.

A commentator added this to the DNA evidence: “From 1301 on, the discriminatory laws increased, the communities dwindled and at the end of the 15th century less than 500 Jews remained in Egypt. The Jews who were expelled from Spain began to arrive in 1492 and organized themselves in separate communities from the Mustarabs, the local Jews. In the course of time, the two communities merged together.”

This last citation is actually from an article titled The Jewish Community of Cairo.

The point that I think Clifton was trying to make in his survey of the groups which invaded the Middle East since the Arab conquests, is that if all of these other races had not been introduced among the Arabs, then Arab and Jewish genetic composition would be even more similar. However the similarities that persist prove without doubt that they have a common origin. The only valid conclusion is this: Jews and Arabs, and most so-called Latinos, are all related, and must all therefore be seen as Jews by Identity Christians, regardless of the nationality or religion which they claim.

We shall continue this series in the near future. Hopefully first we shall be able to return to our Commentary on the Gospel of John.

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