Hitler’s War from a Christian Identity Perspective

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Christogenea Saturdays, February 27th, 2016: Hitler’s War from a Christian Identity Perspective

Lately we have been discussing Christian Identity vision and objectives in presentations with Mark Downey and again in a recent article posted at Christogenea, which summarized some of the things we said in those presentations. Here we are going to offer what may at first seem to be a strange mix, especially to those who have not heard us speak about Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. This subject we have not touched on now for many months. What might seem to some to be a strange mix has a definite purpose. I would implore you not to accept the Anglo-American-Jewish propaganda concerning 20th century history. It absolutely amazes me that so many fools who claim to be Identity Christians, and especially pastors, still do accept all of those Jewish lies. Tonight I want to summarize, at least in part, what has happened in Europe and throughout the West in recent history, what is happening now as a result of that history, and also offer a summary of the proper perspective which the Identity Christians should have of both the events of recent history, and most importantly, of the place which we must assume for ourselves within the context of that history. All the Jews stand for lies, and we must stand for truth.

To help us accomplish this objective, we are going to present our recent article. But first, we we are going to present what is commonly known as Adolf Hitler’s last speech. It was a radio address to the German Volk made on January 30th, 1945. While it is short, we are going to read all of it, because it describes an earlier stage in the very same battle that our White race faces once again today. Except that comparatively, Whites as a collective people today are more like the Germans of 1922 than they are of 1933 or 1945. The speech is addressed to the German Volksgenossen, which are national comrades, and National Socialists, and ostensibly both labels were used to refer to the same people.

This version of the speech is from a collection published online in PDF format at nseuropa.org. There is another translation of this speech available which is more commonly posted at various internet websites. However we believe this translation to be the more eloquent. We do not know the identity of the translator, or even if this has ever been published in print. So here we will begin our presentation of this speech:

German Volksgenossen! National Socialists!

When, twelve years ago, the now deceased Reich president von Hindenburg entrusted me, as the leader of the strongest party, with the chancellorship, Germany faced the same situation at home as it does today abroad with regard to international politics. Initiated and carried out according to plan through the Treaty of Versailles, the process of the economic destruction and annihilation of the democratic republic led to a situation that was slowly being regarded as permanent: nearly seven million unemployed, seven million part-time workers, ruined peasants, destroyed trade, and a corresponding breakdown of commerce. The German ports were only ship cemeteries. The financial situation of the Reich threatened at any moment to lead to the collapse not only of the nation, but also of the Lander [provinces] and the [local] communities. However, what was decisive was the following: behind this systematic economic destruction of Germany was the specter of Asian Bolshevism, just as today. And just as on a large scale today, the bourgeois world on a much smaller scale was completely incapable, in the years before our seizure of power, of effectively opposing this development.

Even after the collapse of the year 1918, it was still not recognized that an old world was passing away and a new world was being born. It was not a question of supporting by all means what had become decayed or rotten and artificially preserving it, but a question of the necessity of replacing it with something visibly healthy. A bygone social order had broken down, and any attempt to maintain it was bound to fail. Thus, it was no different from what is happening now on a large scale, when likewise the bourgeois states are doomed and only Volksgemeinschaften [national communities] which possess a clear orientation and are ideologically fortified have a chance of surviving this gravest European crisis in many centuries.

We were granted only six years of peace after January 30, 1933. In these six years, we secured so many tremendous accomplishments and planned even greater ones; so many and such great things that we all the more elicited the envy of our democratic, good-for-nothing surrounding world.

What was decisive, however, was that we succeeded with superhuman efforts in these six years in reorganizing the defense of the German Volkskorper [the body of the German nation], which meant not so much giving it the material military strength as the spiritual power of resistance necessary for self-assertion.

The gruesome fate which is today overwhelming the east and which exterminates tens and hundreds of thousands of human beings in villages and market towns, in the countryside and in the cities, will, with the utmost effort, be parried and overcome by us, despite all setbacks and severe trials. If this is at all possible, then it is because, since the year 1933, an inner change has taken place in the German Volk. If a Germany of the Treaty of Versailles still existed today, Europe would long have been swept away by the Central Asian floods.

Adolf Hitler understood that world Jewry sought not only to rule over Germany economically, but also the destruction of German blood. For instance, he expressed the problems caused by the French occupation of the Rhineland, which in the era after the First Great War had “become a playground for hordes of African niggers” (Mein Kampf, Volume 2 chapter 13). In repsonse to the immigration policies of the “bourgeois nationalists“, the capitalists of 19th century Germany, Hitler had said (in Mein Kampf, Volume 2 chapter 2): “Those people did not understand that a policy of Germanization can be carried out only as regards human beings. What they mostly meant by Germanization was a process of forcing other people to speak the German language. But it is almost inconceivable how such a mistake could be made as to think that a Nigger or a Chinaman will become a German because he has learned the German language and is willing to speak German for the future, and even to cast his vote for a German political party. Our bourgeois nationalists could never clearly see that such a process of Germanization is in reality de-Germanization; for even if all the outstanding and visible differences between the various peoples could be bridged over and finally wiped out by the use of a common language, that would produce a process of bastardization which in this case would not signify Germanization but the annihilation of the German element.” As Hitler had feared, Germany indeed suffered at the hands of the Central Asian hordes in the aftermath of the war. However in recent history the treachery is even greater, as hundreds of thousands of Turks, Arabs and Niggers are admitted into Germany freely, and even granted the houses and money and daughters of Germans for the troubles of making the journey.

Continuing with Hitler’s speech:

There is no need to discuss this with blockheads who will never die out and who are of the opinion that a defenseless Germany would not have become the victim of this Jewish-international world conspiracy because of its impotence.

That is nothing other than turning the laws of nature upside down! Since when does the fox not kill the defenseless goose just because the goose is not aggressive by nature, and since when does a wolf become a pacifist because sheep do not wear armor? That-as I said earlier-there are bourgeois sheep who believe that nonsense in all earnestness just proves how necessary it was to eliminate an era whose educational system was capable of breeding such personalities, sustaining them, and granting them political influence.

Long before National Socialism came to power, a merciless fight against this Jewish-Asiatic Bolshevism was already raging. [In the nations of Central and Eastern Europe.] If it did not invade Europe as early as the years 1919–1920, it failed only because it was too weak at the time and too poorly armed. Its attempt to eliminate Poland was not abandoned because of compassion for the Polish, but because of the lost battle of Warsaw. Its intention to destroy Hungary was never realized, not because it reconsidered but because the Bolshevik force could not be sustained militarily.

Likewise the attempt to shatter Germany was not abandoned because its success was no longer desired, but because it was not possible to eliminate the rest of our Volk’s natural will to resist. [Demonstrated by the actions of the Freikorps after the Communist uprisings in Germany in the early 1920’s.] Jewry then immediately started the systematic breakdown of our Volk. By so doing, it found the best allies in those stubborn citizens who did not wish to admit that the age of the bourgeois world was over and would never return, that the epoch of unrestrained economic liberalism belonged to the past and could only lead to collapse, that the great tasks of the present can only be managed by the authoritarian, concentrated strength of the nation based on the law of equal rights for all and resulting equal duties, which, in turn, means that the fulfillment of these equal duties will inevitably lead to equal rights.

Thus, National Socialism, in the midst of a gigantic economic, social, and cultural reconstruction, gave the German Volk an armament, particularly in terms of education, that alone was suited to be transformed into military values.

The power of resistance of our nation has grown so tremendously since January 30, 1933, that it can no longer be compared with the earlier epoch. To maintain this inner power of resistance is therefore the surest guarantor of the final victory! If today Europe is the victim of a serious illness, then the affected states will either have to overcome it by summoning their entire and utmost power of resistance, or they will be doomed. But the convalescent, that is the survivor, overcomes the climaxes of such an illness only in a crisis that greatly weakens him. It is therefore all the more our unchanging will not to shrink from anything in this struggle to rescue our Volk from this most gruesome fate of all time, and to obey steadfastly and loyally the commandment of the preservation of our nation. The Almighty has created our Volk. [The alternate translation freely available on the internet has “God the Almighty has made our nation.”] By defending its existence, we defend His creation. That this defense is connected with nameless misfortune, suffering, and pain without equal, lets us become all the more attached to this Volk. However, it also lets us gain that hardness which is necessary for doing our duty even at the worst crisis points. This means not only our duty toward the decent, eternal Germany, but also our duty toward those few men without honor who divorce themselves from their Volk.

We can argue about Hitler’s application of his faith, but we cannot argue about the substance of his faith. He truly believed that in his struggle against Jewish Bolshevism, he was defending the Creation of God. In the first volume of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, we read in the closing words of chapter 2 the following: “Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

Men without any sound spiritual foundations, men without the internal fortitude of spirit which comes only from a solid conviction of faith, float from one position to another, from paradigm to paradigm, seeking a means by which they can justify their actions. This was not Adolf Hitler. Rather, Hitler was consistent in his philosophy concerning God and Nation from beginning to end: and he maintained his position from the rise of his political career to the last days leading up to his certain destruction.

And while those same convictions led to his destruction, and the destruction of the nation which he loved, he rightfully explained here that such a destruction was inevitable anyway, but he never turned his back on his nation, he never gave up hope.

We also see that here we see that in 1945, Adolf Hitler was expressing the same exact religious conviction concerning God, race and nation which he had expressed when Mein Kampf was first written, before 1925. If a man is going to lose a war, or lose his life, he is better off doing it by defending his faith, as Christ Himself had said, as it is recorded in Luke chapter 9, “24 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. 25 For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?” Likewise, Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists were fighting against the same people who had killed the Christ.

To continue with Hitler:

Therefore, there is only one commandment for us in this fateful struggle: Who fights honorably can save his own life and that of his loved ones; who attacks the nation from behind, as a spineless coward, will under any circumstances die a shameful death. That National Socialism has awakened and reinforced this spirit in our German Volk is its greatest accomplishment. Once the bells of peace ringing out after this mighty international drama has subsided, then people will realize what the German Volk owes to this spiritual rebirth: it is no less than its existence in this world.

A few months and weeks ago, the Allied statesmen still spoke openly about Germany’s fate. Then a few papers admonished them that it would be wiser if they would rather make promises, even though there was no intention of keeping these promises. As a relentless National Socialist and fighter for my Volk, I would like to assure these other statesmen once and for all at this hour that any attempt to impress National Socialist Germany with phrases of Wilson’s type assumes a naivete that the present Germany does not know.

However, it is not at all important that in the democracies political activities and lies go hand in hand. What is important is that any promise these statesmen give a nation is completely insignificant today, because they are no longer in a position to follow through on any such assurance. That is no different from one sheep’s assuring another that it will protect it against the tiger. In opposition to that I repeat my prophesy: Not only will England not be in a position to tame Bolshevism, but its own development will follow the inevitable course of this degenerative disease. The democracies can no longer get rid of the spirits they themselves have summoned up from the steppes of Asia.

All the small European nations which capitulated trusting in the Allied assurances are heading for their complete extermination. Whether they meet this fate earlier or later is-in view of its inevitability- completely without significance. The Kremlin Jews are moved exclusively by tactical considerations in their decisions to proceed with brute force in one case and temporary restraint in the other. The end will always be the same.

Germany will never suffer this fate! The victory gained twelve years ago in the interior of our country guarantees this. Whatever our enemies may come up with, whatever suffering they may cause the German cities, the German landscapes, and above all our people, pales in comparison with the incorrigible misery and misfortune that would hit all of us, should the plutocratic-Bolshevik conspiracy win. It is, therefore, all the more necessary on the twelfth anniversary of the seizure of power to make one’s heart stronger than ever before, and to harden oneself in the sacred resolve to take up arms, no matter where, no matter under what circumstances, until victory finally crowns our efforts. On this day, I would like to leave no doubt about one other thing: in spite of a hostile environment, at one time in the past I chose my way in the depth of my being, and I followed this path as an unknown, nameless man, up to the final victory. Often proclaimed dead and always wished dead, at long last I was the victor! My present life is likewise being exclusively determined by the duties incumbent on me.

Together, they amount to only one duty, namely, to work for my Volk and to fight for it. Only He can absolve me from this duty who has called on me to take it on. It was in Providence’s hands to eliminate me through the bomb that went off only one-and-a-half meters away from me on July 20 and, thereby, to end my life’s work. [Hitler refers to the Valkyrie plot against his life, culminating in a bomb being planted at his headquarters, the Wolf’s Lair, in July of 1944] That the Almighty protected me on that day is something I regard as a confirmation of the mission I was assigned. I will therefore continue in the coming years to follow the path of the uncompromising representation of the interests of my Volk, ignoring all need and danger, and filled with the sacred conviction that the Almighty will in the end not abandon him who wanted nothing other all his life than to spare his Volk a fate it never deserved in terms of its numbers and significance.

Anyone who reads Mein Kampf and then reads Hitler’s speeches, and sees Hitler’s consistent and accurate descriptions of the role of the International Jews in the control of both global Capitalism and Marxist Communism, and how he maintained his convictions in those areas to the bitter end, would know that there is no way that Adolf Hitler could have been a Rothschild agent, or an agent for the British, or a pawn of American industrialists, or anything else that clowns like Jim Condit or Anthony Sutton try to make him out to be. Rather, it is Condit and Sutton who are the tools of the international Jews, and certainly not Adolf Hitler.

I therefore appeal in this hour to the entire German Volk, but especially to my old comrades in arms and all soldiers who are at its head, to arm themselves with an even greater, hardened spirit of resistance, until, as once before, we can lay on the grave of the dead of this mighty struggle a wreath with a bow inscribed: But you have triumphed in the end! I expect every German therefore to fulfill his duty to the utmost, and to take on every sacrifice that will be and must be demanded of him. I expect of every healthy man that he risk life and limb in this battle. I expect every ill, infirm, or otherwise indispensable man to work with the utmost effort. I expect the inhabitants of the cities to forge the weapons for this fight, and I expect every farmer to give bread to the soldiers and workers of this fight by limiting his own consumption as much as possible. I expect all women and girls to support this fight with the utmost zeal, as they have done up to now. I turn to the German youth with particular confidence. By forming such a committed community, we have the right to step before the Almighty and ask Him for His mercy and blessings. After all, a nation cannot do more than this: those who can fight, fight; those who can work, work; and all come together to sacrifice with only one thought in mind: to secure freedom, national honor, and a future for life.

No matter how grave the crisis may be at this moment, we will overcome it in the end, in spite of everything, thanks to our unchangeable will, our readiness to sacrifice, and our abilities. We will survive this misery. In this fight, too, it is not Central Asia that will win but Europe! And at its head will be the one nation which, for one-and-a-half millennia, has represented Europe as its hegemonic power against the east and will represent it in the future: our Greater German Reich, the German nation!

We generally should not trust post-war sources of statements attributed to Adolf Hitler, which were not published or otherwise known to have existed before he died. This is because since the end of the war, opportunists, and especially the Jews, have tried to mold an image of Hitler which suites their own agendas. The book Table Talk is one of these efforts, and it consists of utterly unreliable garbage.

But here I will quote one such source, because I know that he is really no fan of Adolf Hitler, and has no apparent interest in portraying Hitler for anything other than what he actually was. We can put a modicum of trust in his research, even if we do not agree with many of his conclusions. That source is David Irving. Now, Irving is not a revisionist, and there should be no doubt that Irving is an Anglophile who upholds many of the false paradigms constructed to explain Hitler’s purpose and intentions. So in many ways Irving is just another Court Historian. However where he presents material in English from original sources which are otherwise little known and absolutely inaccessible outside of certain German academic circles, the original material he presents is generally reliable.

So on page 857 of the edition of David Irving’s book Hitler’s War which is freely available at his website, we see an account of Hitler’s last days and some of his last words as they were recorded by Joachim von Ribbentrop at the Berlin bunker in April of 1945, and among them we read: “For the first time Hitler now admitted to Ribbentrop that the war was lost. He dictated to Ribbentrop four secret negotiation points to put to the British if he got the chance. If the Continent was to survive in a world dominated by Bolshevism, then somehow London and Berlin must bury the hatchet. He instructed Ribbentrop to write secretly to Churchill in this sense. ‘You will see,’ Hitler predicted. ‘My spirit will arise from the grave. One day people will see that I was right.’”

Anyone who is White and who has a conscience orientated towards the preservation of his White nation, race or culture should clearly see today that Adolf Hitler was right, and in that sense, his spirit has indeed been resurrected, and will always be resurrected, because it is essentially the same spirit of our God and Creator and of his Christ. The Jews killed Him, they killed National Socialist Germany, and they seek to kill us as they lie to us about both Christ and Hitler. This is the essence of the challenge which all Identity Christians should be prepared to face. One may be hot or cold, but one would rather not be caught lukewarm when the moment of decision arrives.

This battle was not begun in 1914, in 1933, in 1939, or even as long ago as the year in which Christ was crucified. Rather, it was begun in Genesis chapter 3. Adolf Hitler had also said in Volume 1, chapter 10 of Mein Kampf, that “The sin against blood and race is the hereditary sin in this world and it brings disaster on every nation that commits it.” Likewise, in chapter 11 of that same volume of Mein Kampf, he said that “the original sin committed in Paradise has always been followed by the expulsion of the guilty parties.” Adolf Hitler knew much more about Genesis than the vast majority of today’s so-called theologians and clergymen. He also understood that the international Jew is the eternal corrupter of blood and race, as we have seen demonstrated in so many ways throughout even our more recent history. This battle did not end in 1945, and it will not end until the final destruction of the enemies of Christ: which is the real holocaust of the Jew which has been promised in both testaments of our Bibles. Like his father Abraham, Adolf Hitler will also rejoice to see that day, and he will.

But as Christ Himself had warned in the Gospel, as it is recorded in Mark chapter 13: “12 Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death. 13 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” Likewise, we are very much as Germans were in 1922, with so many of our own people siding with the enemies of our race. As we have seen Hitler allude to in his speech, Germany also had its traitors, and those who would sell out their nation to the enemy, even attempting to kill their own brethren for reward. But we will prevail if, like Hitler, we also maintain our convictions steadfast until the end. As Paul of Tarsus exhorted, in a somewhat different manner, we should never lose focus of the prize.

With this, I am going to read my recent short article, The Christian Identity Objective, because I see our Christian Identity struggle as the next, and hopefully the final, phase in the same great struggle which the National Socialists were fighting in Germany seventy years ago. And if I am wrong, and it is not, then apparently we have no hope at all, and if not for the return of our Christ, we have already lost. But we have faith, that there is a God, and that God will not be mocked. But we also have an obligation to fight the fight, bringing the true Gospel of Salvation to our fellow Israelite brethren.

My apologies for not posting the attachment containing a copy of these notes until today, October 4th 2016. - WRF

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