White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance Part 3 – The Tolerance of Evil

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The tolerance of Evil Causes Ships to Run Aground
The Tolerance of Evil has Caused Many a Ship to Run Aground.

White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance Part 3 – The Tolerance of Evil

This presentation was, more or less, handed to me by some friends. Coming home from an event where David Duke had spoken, I wanted to find a way to once again explain and to address his cognitive dissonance. So when I got to my desk, I found that our friend Michael Watcher had already created this image advertising an article I had written in December of 2013 titled The Tolerance of Evil. Then I noticed that our friend Joe from the Christogenea Forum had posted a snippet from my commentary on Hosea explaining the failure of America. So it all came together for me and consequently I could not help but to make this presentation. For those who are new to Christogenea, White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance parts 1 and 2 were presented here in the Spring of 2015.

Attending the annual League of the South National Conference this year, I once more had the questionably pleasurable experience of listening to a lengthy talk by David Duke, who is probably the world’s most recognizable living White Nationalist. Of course, I am not envious, as I do not reckon myself a mere White Nationalist. Being an Identity Christian, I hardly expect to be recognizable at all, even in White nationalist circles, and at such affairs I would really just prefer to blend into the background. Having attended these conferences each year since 2018, for several years I have purposely ignored Mr. Duke, even though we spent hours within proximity of one another not only at the conferences, but also in after-hours social settings. However I believe that I have done this for good reason. I am persuaded that there is a gulf between us which, perhaps for reason of our personalities, cannot be bridged. If this evokes the words of Christ in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, the allusion is not accidental.

As the final day of the Conference progressed, David Duke was the last speaker, and spoke for about ninety minutes. Then, at the end of the Conference, David approached me in a group of our friends, where I was compelled to be a gentleman and shake his hand for the very first time. While our encounter only lasted a few seconds, perhaps the next time I see him and have the opportunity to speak, I will broach the subject of some of our differences. Or perhaps it may be better if I ask our common friend, League of the South President Dr. Michael Hill, if he himself can persuade David to listen to this presentation.

This year’s talk may also have been the first time that I heard David Duke speak which was not completely repugnant. It is not that I have any personal animosity for Duke, even if I take jabs at him on occasion. But he does say a lot of things to which I am opposed, both as a Christian and as a member of a Southern Nationalist organization. For example, several times in his talk he mentioned the Constitution and expressed the desire to “take back America”. But we know that the Constitution has failed us, although in part it is because we as a people have failed the Constitution, allowing portions of it to be taken out of context while neglecting the objectives which are stated in its preamble.

Evidently, the preamble itself was not enough to preserve the Republic, and the Constitution has other inherent problems. The ideals of Classical Liberalism which the Constitution and other founding documents of the American Empire express left no defense against subversion from within, and they are regularly exploited to effect that subversion. Implicit racism is not sufficient to keep a nation holy, and that is also the danger of reducing the commandments of our God from several hundred down to ten, at the cost of disregarding the balance.

I would also wonder which America David Duke wants to save. America is not a nation. It was formed as a political and economic alliance of thirteen different sovereign States, which were nations in their own right. Does David Duke want to save Franklin Roosevelt’s America, which destroyed half of Christendom by allying itself with both bankers and Bolsheviks in order to destroy White Christian Germany and half of Europe along with it? Or does David Duke want to save the imperialist America of Theodore Roosevelt, which annexed islands filled with aliens and paved the way for Woodrow Wilson and future foreign wars? Does Duke want to save the imperialist America of Abraham Lincoln which destroyed half of its own White Christian peoples, only to unleash the Negro hordes that have ever since been a plague upon us all? Or does David Duke want to save the imperialist America of Thomas Jefferson, which sent troops to Africa in order to protect the interests of primarily Jewish merchants? Perhaps David Duke only wants to save the 1789 version of America, which was founded upon documents that are so ambiguous that they actually facilitated all of the later and more treacherous versions of the empire. Truly, it is the people of those original States who need to be saved from America!

In this I am comfortable speaking for the League of the South as well as for Identity Christians: we know that America cannot be reformed, and that fact is professed in League literature. So we wait for it to crumble, having a greater assurance as Christians in the imminent fall of Mystery Babylon. We do not want to reform America, we do not want to take it back, only to see the same mistakes of Liberalism repeated once again. It is not an objective of the League of the South to reform America, although David Duke preaches that in every speech which he makes addressing the League. Rather, whenever we can, we endeavor to contribute to its crumble, and therefore it is our policy to “abjure the realm”, as the literature of the League of the South describes our objectives.

But even this difference, although to us it is certainly an indication of underlying cognitive dissonance, may seem to us to be a minor issue. What we find most repugnant when Duke speaks is his frequent abuse of Scripture, his mistaken characterizations of the people of the Old Testament and even of Christ Himself. Thankfully, he did not discuss Scripture to any extent in his talk this year. But more than anything I despise the fact that he has completely accepted and often repeats the Jewish lies about the books which we collectively call the Bible. This problem I will discuss further here a little later on. This is the wedge between myself and men such as David Duke, and also Kevin MacDonald. However in my experience, as well as in the experiences of close friends who have known Duke for decades, David has always been hostile to aspects of our Christian Identity faith, where in personal conversations that I have had with Kevin MacDonald, he is not hostile to our faith, although he does not accept it for himself. From what I have observed, MacDonald has an extremely secular worldview, but while Duke often claims to be religious, his worldview is really just as secular as MacDonald’s.

However while Duke was the last speaker on the final day of this year’s Conference, I was given the unexpected privilege of being the first. The Master of Ceremonies, Rick Tyler, had approached me barely five minutes before the Conference schedule was to commence, and asked me to conduct an opening prayer. I consider Rick a good friend, and of course I was honored. In his kindness, the day before Rick had promoted our work at Christogenea during some of his closing remarks, and we were both pleasantly surprised and quite grateful for that. So while I am not a presenter of prayer in the traditional sense, nevertheless I could not decline. Then suddenly I realized that I had an opportunity.

After accepting Rick’s invitation, I had about three or four minutes to sort out my thoughts and come up with something to say. I am not the man to lead traditional prayers. Both Michael Hill, Michael Tubbs, and even Rick Tyler himself all do that much better than I can. More realistically, I see myself as a lecturer who gives two-hour presentations that take much preparation, which are usually and purposely not understood unless the listener already has an understanding of our Christian Identity faith. Then, far from being a public speaker, I present those lectures sitting here at the comfort of my own desk. But I have spoken in public a few times in the course of my ministry, so I certainly did not have any fear. The 118th Psalm came to mind, and verses 7 through 12 actually echoed many of the sentiments which were expressed by speakers of the previous day.

However in my opinion it is necessary for me to provide at least some background information, for a listener to understand why I would even present such a passage as a prayer. It certainly is not the typical prayer men may be accustomed to hearing from their denominational preachers. So I made two statements which were purposely aimed directly at David Duke. First, I had proclaimed that there are two versions of history: the Jewish version and the Truth. I may have qualified that statement a little better, but I did only have three minutes to prepare, and it certainly is true. History may be written by the victors, but the people known as Jews have always financed the victors. So while that particular thought did not come to me at that moment, putting my statement in context, I professed that Jews are devils, and that they have always been devils, and that we – meaning White Europeans – are the true children of God. Then I asserted that anyone who insists on repeating the Jewish claims concerning the Old Testament is purposely shilling for the Jews. That also needed some background, as many of our people who have come to accept the Jewish version of history do so unwittingly. But David Duke has been told this on many occasions by others, and he has always rejected it. Of course going back to my prayer, I can only paraphrase my remarks now, but I needed to send that message once again, and watched David as he seemed to sit listening intently. I will not relent until he takes the time to understand. So following that, the passages from the Psalm were presented as a prayer, and then I closed by making some remarks concerning the victory which our race is assured, so long as our God is with us. The entire prayer may have taken only three or four minutes, but I pray that David Duke did hear my remarks, and that he considers them.

For a long time I have a good friend named Danny Updegraff. From what I remember, Danny was at Clifton’s home in Ohio long before I ever met Clifton, and they were good friends. He was raised in California, and his father, Robert Updegraff, was a member of Col. William Gale’s Christian Identity church, where Danny was raised. Danny told me that when he was still young, David Duke had visited the area and stayed at his house. It was Sunday, February 16th, 1975, and Duke was there to speak at a White nationalist conference on that day at the Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles. Danny recollects that Duke had radio interviews in Los Angeles twice that week, on Monday and Tuesday. He also described for me how he remembered his father Robert explaining both Christian and Jewish identity to Duke, but that he had rejected it. Robert had also told David about the Talmud, and the secret hatred which Jews have for Christians, and many other things. Driving with Duke to a radio station in Los Angeles, Robert urged Duke to expose the Jews as usurpers, since they are not the people of Israel, but Duke would not listen. Perhaps Duke had later accepted some of what he was told, but continues to claim that Jews are the people of the Old Testament, and that Jesus was a Jew.

Danny Updegraff, as well as another friend, Jerel Mosley, a native of Louisiana who has been in White Nationalist and Christian Identity circles since the days of George Lincoln Rockwell and Gerald L. K. Smith, have also both told me that James Warner was a long-time Duke friend and companion. I am informed that together, Warner and Duke spent much time on the west coast organizing Klan chapters. People new to Christian Identity or Southern nationalism may not recognize Warner’s name, but for many decades he too was a torch-bearer of our common faith. Warner’s organization was Christian Vanguard, and out of Metarie, Louisiana he distributed Christian Identity sermons and historical tracts for many years. If I am not mistaken, his office was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, and the operation ceased to exist. I never had the privilege of meeting Warner, and believe he may have already passed.

We can understand why Duke might find it difficult to accept the identification of White Europeans with the ancient Israelites, as that requires much study that is outside the scope of Duke’s particular areas of study. It is not too difficult to understand, but one does need to take the time necessary to examine all of the evidence, which we have already gathered over many decades of research. Just because someone is a historian, does not make them experts in all areas of history. But saying “I’m a historian” is not a license to stay stupid, or to ignore or even to summarily dismiss such evidence, as Duke has repeatedly done.

But the other half of the equation, the truth about Jewish identity, is far less difficult to discern. Both the historical and the Scriptural evidence that the Jews are not the Israelites of the Old Testament is clear, and on occasion Jews themselves admit it, so for Duke to reject it continually is a certain indication that he has an agenda. Accepting the lie that the Jews are the Israelites of the Bible is the equivalent to being an accomplice to all of the crimes which the Jews have been able to commit against Christendom because of the mistaken belief that the Jews are the Israelites of the Bible. That is because the Jews themselves use the vaunted position of their claims of being “God’s chosen people” as the moral foundation for their treachery. It is not giving the devil his due. Rather, it is giving the devil something which he is not due, and something for which he hungers, but to which he is not entitled. Once that foundation is removed, a foundation built upon lies, only then can the true nature of the devil be exposed.

In all of his speeches, David Duke elaborates on what he calls Jewish Supremacy, and tries to illustrate its various manifestations in recent history as well as in current events. All of that is fine, and we agree with most of his points in principle, although on many occasions we see and we have explained the same phenomena from a different perspective, independently of Duke.

In fact, David Duke did not discover Jewish Supremacy. Henry Ford in the Dearborn Independent wrote describing exactly how the Jew achieved that supremacy, and published it in The International Jew decades before Duke was born. Moreover, his editor, William Cameron, who edited and actually wrote many of the articles which Ford put his name to, was an Identity Christian who wrote a book titled The Covenant People, and I own a copy of that book. So Identity Christians were exposing Jewish Supremacy long before David Duke. Duke merely took God out of the equation and recycled truths that had already long been exposed.

But Duke’s cognitive dissonance becomes apparent when at the same time that he complains about Jewish supremacy, he also professes that the Jews are the people of the Old Testament, identifying them as the Israel of the Scriptures. So while David Duke complains about Jewish Supremacy, at the same time he is justifying Jewish Supremacy by recognizing them as the Israel of the Christian Bible! Duke is not only tolerating evil, but putting evil in the position of being as God.

Of course, Duke himself does not see what he is doing in that same manner, but that is precisely what he is doing in the minds of Bible-believing Christians. Apparently, this is the result of another problem: David Duke is not a true Christian. He may call himself a Christian, or pass himself off as a cultural Christian, but if he were a true Christian he would not simply repeat Jewish claims about the Scriptures. Rather, as he also identifies himself as a historian, he should examine the evidence because the facts of history refute those Jewish claims.

Either one is an Identity Christian, and rightfully rejects Jewish claims about Scripture, or one is a Judaized Christian and accepting the Jewish claims, understands that he must not oppose the Jews, since the Judaized Christian believes Jewish claims about Scripture while accepting that Scripture is the Word of God. They may believe, but they believe errantly, and taking Genesis 12:3 out of context, they even believe that they will be cursed if they say anything negative about Jews. On that basis, Jews as a group can get away with practically anything, and that misunderstanding is the true source of Jewish Supremacy. The truth is that Genesis 12:3 never applied to Jews, at any time in history, and especially in Abraham’s time.

However the first hurdle preventing Duke from arriving at the truth is that to David Duke, the Bible, especially the Old Testament, is little more than a Jewish story book, while to true Christians it is the Word of God. To David Duke, Jews are merely a self-appointed “chosen people”. But to Christians, the Israelites of the Old Testament certainly are the elect, chosen people of God. Then, since the Bible says that God will elevate the people of Israel above all other nations, Christians take that promise seriously, as they should. Therefore, so long as Christians errantly believe that the promise applies to Jews, then Jews will be able to maintain their position of supremacy in Christian society regardless of what David Duke says about Jewish supremacy. So Duke has been shooting himself in the foot throughout his entire career. David Duke thrashes at the branches, but he never aims for the trunk in order to get to the root of this problem.

We know, and we have demonstrated many times in various presentations at Christogenea, that the people known as the Jews are not the Israelites of the Old Testament. Any Christian who truly studies and believes the New Testament cannot possibly accept that the Jews are God’s chosen people TM. We like to make quips, that if Moses was a Jew, he would have been crying to Pharaoh about the Shoah, or if Joshua and the Israelites who had invaded the land of Canaan were Jews, they would have done so with pencils and briefcases rather than with swords and axes. If the Old Testament were a Jewish book, it would have been a banking manual. We have even quipped that if Jesus were a Jew, He would have been doing stand-up comedy instead of parables. But whether the jokes are funny or not, those statements are absolutely true, that if the Israelites of the Old Testament were Jews, the Bible would be a very different book. But it is more likely that there would be no Bible at all, and we would all be lost in the stone age of Babylonian paganism.

On a serious note, we can walk through the historical records found in Book 13 of the Antiquities of the Judaeans by Flavius Josephus, or Book 16 of Strabo’s Geography, and correlating them with statements of both Christ and His apostles found in the New Testament, we can prove beyond doubt that the modern Jews are descended in large part from the ancient Edomites, and only to a very small degree from the ancient Israelites. If a believer rejects this evidence, than he is a Jew to a much greater extent than he can claim to be a Christian, because he is found in opposition to Christ and the apostles, and in agreement with Satan, which, speaking collectively, is the Jews whom Christ Himself had identified as the synagogue of Satan.

If Joshua and the Israelites were Jews, they may have lynched Phinehas after he killed a fellow Israelite for attempting to impregnate a shiksa, an alien woman. If Paul of Tarsus were a Jew, he would have given up tent-making for loan-sharking, rather than for the Gospel of Christ. If Lydia of Philippi were a Jewess, perhaps Paul may have found her selling pornography, or even herself, rather than purple cloth. In other words, there is nothing about any of the protagonists of our Christian Bible which reflects the character of the Jews. The Israelites were promised a land of milk and honey, yet about 90% of the world’s Jews are lactose intolerant, and only about 5% of White Europeans suffer from lactose intolerance. Maybe at next years’ conference, I should bring quarts of milk to the after-hours social gatherings, rather than pints of beer.

John the Baptist had identified the religious leaders of Judaea as a race of vipers, or properly, the offspring of vipers, telling them that the axe had already been laid to the root of the tree, as each tree which would not produce good fruit would be cut down and burned. Calling them the offspring of vipers, he was speaking a literal truth, as they were Edomites, the political appointees of the Edomite kings of Judaea, and they were not Israelites. Until David Duke realizes these truths and attacks the root of the problem, he will forever remain ineffectual and we shall have to leave him behind, consigning his life’s work to the dustbins of the future.

But David Duke’s confused view of history and Scriptures is not the only manifestation of cognitive dissonance which I had witnessed last weekend. Neither is David’s desire to save America the end of his cognitive dissonance. Several speakers complained at great length about what the devils, which is to say, the Jews, are and have been doing to us, and we have heard it all a thousand times, if not ten thousand. Some speakers, like Hunter Wallace, clung to American politics, where there are no solutions. James Edwards spoke about his own radio program, the Political Cesspool, and problems he has had with our common enemies. Some of those stories are encouraging, as they show that even denominational Christians can occasionally stand up for what is right. Among the other speakers, Eddie Miller repeated a laundry-list of Jewish crimes with which White Nationalists have taken issue, such as the USS Liberty incident or events in South Africa. Yet Eddie Miller seems to have come to White nationalism and to Christianity relatively recently, so he may not even realize that these topics have been spoken about exhaustively in our circles for many years.

While the Conference speakers were certainly all sincere, and perhaps helpful to those few in the audience who have not been Southern Nationalists, or even White Nationalists for very long, there are more important matters which they did not discuss, or even mention. In my opinion, they fail to discuss these greater matters because they all suffer from another sort of cognitive dissonance. In David Duke’s case this cognitive dissonance is even greater than his blatant misidentification of the Jews, or his insistence that America can be saved.

But first, before I criticize the speakers at last Conference for what they have sorely missed, let me add a disclaimer. I do not want anyone to think that I myself may be lobbying to speak at any League functions. First, I would never expect to be a speaker at a League of the South function, as I am more of a Bible and history lecturer than an inspiring public speaker, and the minutiae of Scripture, language and ancient history simply aren’t very inspiring subjects at League venues. Secondly, I am personally much more comfortable writing and publishing my work at Christogenea, which is a venue much more suitable to the material I produce.

But from the viewpoint of a pastor, practically all of these speakers spoke about many of the evil things which World Jewry has accomplished among our people, how they have come to rule over us through usury, how they have flooded us with aliens, how they have taken the best of our youth and killed them off in foreign and unjust wars, and much more. But they do not understand that all of these things are not the core problem, and rather, they are only the effect of a much greater problem. The real problem for which we suffer all of these other things, is our own sin or our acceptance of sin, the tolerance of evil.

The Alt-Right, for all intents and purposes, is dead. Certain media outlets are now gloating that Richard Spencer, whose mentor was a Jew, is penniless in Idaho, and that local restaurants won’t serve him even if he had any money. The sodomite named Milo was caught rationalizing pedophilia, as if that should be any surprise. The Jew Mike Enoch is now going by his real name and trying to transfer his Alt-Right internet popularity into a real-life political party, which shall also fail. The Traditional Worker’s Party went down the latrine in trailer park drama and Matthew Heimbach became the latest cuck for the Southern Poverty Law Center. As Dr. Michael Hill often points out, the League of the South is the only significant right-wing group which had participated in the demonstration at Lee Park in Charlottesville which is still intact.

But then again, the Alt-Right was destined to fail because it was Libertarian at its core, and all of its supposed leaders were either perverts or Jews. And once again, so far as I know, the League of the South is the only organization at Charlottesville which is professedly and overtly Christian, something which is explicit in many of its position papers. Being Christians, League members should be brought to understand the consequences of sin as well as the consequences of righteousness, and the fact that tolerating evil is just as bad in the eyes of our God as committing evil, something which is no longer taught in most denominational churches. The evil deeds of the Jews, and all of the aliens who are currently overrunning our lands, are the effect of our troubles, and they are not the cause.

Libertarianism is evil, and it cannot be Christian, as it permits devils to coexist with Christians, and forces Christians to accept the presence of devils, which is something that always results in the destruction of Christian ideals, and ultimately of Christian communities and even nations. While Kevin MacDonald did not speak at this year’s Conference, both he and James Edwards have been active in the American Freedom Party, which overtly woos Libertarians and which expresses Libertarian ideals. Libertarianism was also the predominant political preference of most Alt-Right figures, except that some professed being “former” Libertarians, and Richard Spencer was quoted as having once said that he is Libertarian only when he wants to be. In our opinion, his lack of principles is clearly the reason for his decline, and at least most of the others continue to embrace certain Libertarian ideals which should be odious to Christians.

In an October, 2015 presentation I had first written in 2013, titled Libertarianism Cannot be Christian, I said the following:

If man believes that his rights are endowed by the Creator, as the founders of this nation recognized, then man understands that those rights are inalienable. If man believes that his morals are passed down from God, as the founders of this nation also recognized, then man understands that those morals are immutable. Yet man has allowed the Jew to litigate God out of modern society, and therefore now we have no rights, and no morals.

Then, in a 2013 discussion of America's Christian Founders, I cited Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, where he had written:

But where says some is the King of America? I'll tell you Friend, he reigns above, and doth not make havoc of mankind like the Royal Brute of Britain. Yet that we may not appear to be defective even in earthly honors, let a day be solemnly set apart for proclaiming the charter; let it be brought forth placed on the divine law, the word of God; let a crown be placed thereon, by which the world may know, that so far as we approve as monarchy, that in America THE LAW IS KING. For as in absolute governments the King is law, so in free countries the law ought to be King; and there ought to be no other. But lest any ill use should afterwards arise, let the crown at the conclusion of the ceremony be demolished, and scattered among the people whose right it is.

In other words, Thomas Paine knew that America must recognize the law of God as King, or that America should not stand at all, where the rights of rulership should rightfully be returned to the people. Apparently, Thomas Paine was a tool of Freemasonry, but intellectually he was not a Freemason. While Paine’s later history is checkered, as he was in France during most of the time of the French Revolution, his words nevertheless represented the beliefs of many Americans of his time.

Law must come from God, and God’s law must be supreme, or while imagining that we govern ourselves we will forever be the victims of tyrants, and that is precisely what has happened to America. At least most of the other founders understood that for our natural rights to be maintained, it must also be realized and accepted that those rights have come from God, and that for that reason alone, they cannot rightfully be taken away by men. Both law and rights emanating from God, and not from government, they cannot be tailored to suit the whims of men. However it is clear that one fault of the Constitution is that it did not explicitly express these ideals which most of the founders had shared. So in the end the so-called Bill of Rights is a doormat for the devil.

But the founders also understood that the natural rights of man, coming from God, could only be maintained in a Godly society. Tolerating evil, men deserve neither the laws nor the rights which emanate from God. If one does not keep His laws, then one does not deserve His grace. Instead, the inevitable result is punishment, and in this modern age that punishment has come to us through the hands of the Jews, who are His enemies. For the sins of ancient Israel, in the 74th Psalm Asaph, a prophet of the captivity, had written in a prayer to God that “4 Thine enemies roar in the midst of thy congregations; they set up their ensigns for signs.” So they also do that same thing today.

In October of 2013 I wrote an article titled The Tolerance of Evil, for an editorial in our old Saxon Messenger magazine. As for the magazine itself, after the friend who did the layout and editing had found it too risky to continue, as she lives in an oppressed country on an island which is close to Europe, at the same time we were forced to relocate to a new home following Hurricane Michael, and then, soon after the printer cancelled our account without even notifying us, so I was compelled to shelve the project. Since we gave the electronic issues away freely at Christogenea, and since we never sold many printed copies, for that and other personal reasons I was compelled to decide that the project was not worth reviving. So much of the balance of this presentation will be based on that article, as it is as timely now as it was then.

The Tolerance of Evil

“God stands in the congregation of the mighty; he judges among the gods. How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked. They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.” - Psalm 82

A thorough study of both scripture and classical history shall lead to the conclusion that the White nations of what was formerly called Christendom have indeed descended from the ancient children of Israel, who were the only branch of the White race accepted by Yahweh God as His children. Since that time, all of the other White nations have been overrun and destroyed by aliens, whether they be red, yellow, brown or black. Now in modern times, the nations of Christendom, the remnant of the White race residing in Europe and her colonies, are also being overrun by aliens.

The words of the eighty-second Psalm were indeed fulfilled two thousand years ago in Yahshua [Jesus] Christ. For many days in the temple at Jerusalem, Yahshua Christ stood in its courts and chastised the Edomite Jews, demonstrating to the remnant of the children of Israel amongst them that they were indeed wicked, and that they could never be otherwise. However because in modern times the White children of God have once again accepted the persons of the wicked, the wicked have been able to infiltrate and corrupt Christian society just as they had corrupted the society of ancient Judaea, and then that of the greater Roman empire. Once again in modern times, “all the foundations of the earth are out of course”.

In White Nationalist circles today, those circles which may be perceived as the vanguard of a new awakening and a new White racial consciousness, we have many men who are also tempted to “accept the persons of the wicked”. [This article was written before the Alt-Right appeared, and its outright acceptance of the wicked, meaning Sodomites and Jews.] So when the occasional Jew professes a loathing for the deeds of his fellow Jews, they are quick to put that Jew on a pedestal, thereby legitimizing the erroneous idea that there could possibly be “good” Jews. That is like saying that there could be “good” devils, for Christ told us in another place that “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” Trees being an allegory for races of men, there are indeed no good anti-Christs.

In that same discourse, which is found in Matthew chapter 7, our Redeemer warned us to “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” Therefore we must not only reject the Jews, but we must also reject the ideas which Jews rather persistently attempt to interject into our discourse.

The Jews, always gathering grapes or figs from thorns and thistles, perpetually endeavor to assemble parties of diverse races and continue to identity them as nations, although a multiethnic State actually stands in defiance to the original meaning of the term nation. Even by his own presence in a White society, the Jew has gathered grapes from thorns, the Jew himself being that thorn!

Likewise, one Negro in a thousand escapes the inner-city slums and is pushed to completion through the corrupted educational system by this Jew-dominated liberal society. Then because the occasional Negro later takes a disestablishmentarian position on some topic or event which happens to resonate with White Nationalist sympathies, certain White nationalists are quick to put such a Negro onto a pedestal, or at least give him a space on their soapbox. Doing this, they convey the idea that Negroes can also be “good”, while the rest of their kind are destroying Whites throughout the cities of Europe and America.

As a digression, David Duke has continually gathered grapes from thorns. He has praised Ilhan Omar, the Islamic woman voted into Congress in Minnesota. We do not need Godless Muslims as allies against Godless Jews, and historically Duke should know that outside of Palestine, Muslims have forever been the allies and the tools of the Jews in all of their treachery against Christians. He has done many podcasts and interviews with Tommy Sotomayor, which is some sort of American Negro with a Hispanic surname. The two are often described as “good friends”. Duke has also promoted the Negro James Manning. He has done podcasts with Jews, seeking their agreement, but I don’t remember their names so I probably should not even mention it. But we do not need Negros to tell us about the evil nature of Negros, we do not need Jews to tell us about the evil nature of Jews, just like we do not need mosquitoes to explain the behavior of mosquitoes. Continuing with the 2013 article, I wrote:

If your cabin is infested with termites, then every termite must be destroyed in order to ensure its survival. So it is within White nations: there can be no “good” Jews and there can be no “good” Negroes, and such a sympathy goes for the other non-White races as well. Otherwise, White nations can not survive. Therefore White nationalists who coddle non-Whites are like double-agents sleeping with the enemy. For while they coddle Jews and Negroes who they think to be “good”, the vast majority of both Jews and Negroes continue in their endeavor to destroy the balance of White society. Rather, [as the Psalm says,] White Nationalists must seek to “Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.”

The tolerance of evil, the acceptance of the persons of the wicked, has always been our downfall. The first sin in the Garden of Eden occurred because Eve had accepted the person of the serpent – who was the prototypical Jew – and Adam then followed her lead. Accepting one Jew as “good” leads to the erroneous idea that other elements of that genetic cesspool may be salvageable, in spite of the words of our Redeemer that “neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” Accepting the idea that any Jew may be “good” enables all other Jews to destroy White society, and the same goes for Negroes and those of the other non-White races.

The author of the one-hundred-and-thirty-third Psalm said “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” And indeed it is, but in order for Whites to ever even be able to approach some sort of unity, they must first put away any notion that they should accept the wicked and the ungodly, which includes all of the Jews, the bastards, and the non-White races of the world. To accept elements of our enemies is to be anti-White, and a traitor to one's kith and kin.

That is the end of that short article, but it certainly is not the end of everything we must say concerning the tolerance of evil. but before we commence, I am going to paraphrase a portion of my February, 2012 commentary on Hosea chapter 13, where the opening verse of the chapter reads: “When Ephraim spake trembling, he exalted himself in Israel; but when he offended in Baal, he died.”

In James chapter 4 we read: “10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.” Submitting oneself to the will of God, that is true humility. When we submit ourselves to Yahweh our God, He exalts us. When we rebel against His Word, He humbles us by punishing us at the hands of our enemies. Ancient Israel was a great nation because it was a just nation, and a just nation is one that is obedient to God. When Israel went off into sin, it degenerated. The American Empire, which at the time when it was founded was only a political experiment, is also a failure for that very reason, and now it is also in degeneracy.

The idea that a nation could be both great and immoral is a Jewish conception, and it cannot last, or even exist. You cannot have a great society in immorality. It will no longer be great but rather it will destroy itself in its sin. Immorality is satanic and destroys every nation which experiments with attempts to give it any legitimacy. When the Jews want to destroy a nation, they begin by promoting immorality, and that is precisely what they did in America. They are the historic purveyors of usury, gambling, prostitution, sodomy, miscegenation, pornography, other sorts of vain entertainment and every other sin on account of which we as a people have fallen.

That leads to another problem and another reason why we cannot save America. The Yankee and the West Coast states are populated with tens of millions of perverts, many which are now leaching into the Christian states of the South, Midwest and Rocky Mountain areas. We cannot live with these perverts, as we cannot tolerate their evil. If we desire to please our God, if we wish to see His blessings upon our race, then we must separate ourselves from these people. We must not seek their peace.

In Romans chapter 1, Paul of Tarsus explained the source of their sins. He told then that they abandoned the truth of God for idolatry, and for that reason their men and their women were being given up to Sodomy. So Sodomy itself was not the core of the problem, which was the decadence of imperial Rome. Rather, idolatry was the core, and Sodomy was one natural result of the core. With that basis, Paul mentioned some of the other results, where he said that “28 … just as they do not think it fit to have Yahweh in their knowledge, Yahweh handed them over to a reprobate mind, to do things not fitting; 29 being filled with all injustice, fornication, greediness, wickedness; full of envy, murder, strife, treachery, malignity, slanderers, 30 loud talkers, haters of Yahweh, insolent, arrogant, pretentious, contrivers of evil, disobedient to parents, 31 void of understanding, covenant breakers, heartless, merciless;” and then, speaking of these same people, he wrote: “32 such as these who knowing the judgments of Yahweh, that they practicing such things are worthy of death, not only they who cause them, but also they approving of those committing them.”

Where Paul said “but also they approving of those committing them”, he was not speaking necessarily of those approving of the sins, but of those who are accepting of people who commit such sins, which includes the Sodomy that he had described earlier. Likewise, fornication describes race-mixing as well as things such as prostitution. The word may literally mean prostitution, but to commit miscegenation is to race-mix with other races as well, in essence selling yourself to other races, as Jude describes fornication as “going after strange flesh” and as Paul of Tarsus had also used the same Greek word in 1 Corinthians chapter 10 in reference to a race-mixing event described in the Book of Numbers, chapter 25. Later in that same chapter of Numbers, Phinehas was memorialized, because he took a spear and ran it through a race-mixer and the woman with which he was lying, thereby staying a plague upon Israel.

In the toleration evil we assure ourselves a share in the suffering when evil is punished. We are never going to be successful as an organization, as a movement, as a State, as a Confederacy, as a race, or especially as “America”, if we continue to tolerate evil. So we must put away the Jews and all of their amusements through which they have lured us into sin. We must separate ourselves from other races so that we may once again be holy, a word which means separated and devoted to the purposes of God, which is the destiny of our White race. That includes putting away movies, television, gambling casinos, organized sports, and anything else which the world offers us as a distraction from looking after the well-being of our own kith and kin.

But more importantly, we cannot accept sinners even if those sinners are among our own kith and kin. If a brother or sister, a son or daughter, is a fornicator, an adulterer, a Sodomite, we must separate from them until they repent and depart from that behavior. Being a fornicator, repentance means that they themselves must separate from their own mongrel children, as we read in Ezra chapter 10: “ 3 Now therefore let us make a covenant with our God to put away all the wives, and such as are born of them, according to the counsel of my lord, and of those that tremble at the commandment of our God; and let it be done according to the law.” This law is the same law which Thomas Paine thought should be King over America.

In a God-fearing nation, people generally govern and police themselves, there is never any need for tyranny, and a free and just society flourishes. In a degenerate and immoral nation, where sin is upheld by law and so-called “rights” for deviants and aliens are legislated into existence, tyranny naturally results because those so-called “rights” are unnatural and must be forced upon the people. In the modern world, a police state is the inevitable result of a degenerate state.

I wrote in a 2011 article titled Philthadelphia, that “Jeffersonian Liberalism held the ideal that a God-fearing Christian nation could govern itself, and should therefore be free of the tyranny of either church or monarch. Jewish liberalism has taken God out of the nation, and imposed a tyranny that either church or monarch could only envy.” In other words, Jewish Liberalism has created a tyranny much stronger than any ever imposed by a church or a king, perhaps because with this modern system of Jewish liberalism the people who are enslaved actually believe that they are free, while also fervently and religiously believing that their Liberal ideals, which are actually contrary to Christian ideals, are both righteous and just. Then they defend this Liberalism with religious fervor.

In this modern world, we can now clearly see that sin is forced upon us by government. But that too is the result of our own sin, as Paul of Tarsus had explained in Romans chapter 13, where he described Government as a Punishment from God. The Jews are not only our personal or racial enemies, but also the enemies of our God, for which reason He Himself had described them as the “synagogue of Satan”.

If we desire success and survival in the face of the enemies of our God, we can only have victory according to the very terms which have been spelled out by our God. As the apostle Paul had written in his second epistle to the Corinthians, in chapter 10, we must have “6 … a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.” If we think for one moment that we can revenge disobedience while we ourselves remain disobedient, we are only kidding ourselves, and we are not serious about our cause.

White nationalists can tell you about all the deeds and crimes of the enemy, and so can Identity Christians. But only Identity Christians know how to properly identify the enemy, and also what we must do to overcome them.


The League of the South at Charlottesville, August, 2017.
The League of the South at Charlottesville, August, 2017.

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