August 2022 Open Forum Discussion

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This evening we spoke with some of our friends about whether there would be law in the Kingdom of God, King James Only Identity Christians, the nature of the Melchizedek priesthood and the differences in the Patriarchal chronology between the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint, and many other subjects. I may have metioned that while the patriarchs may have lived much longer than we do today, they also had children much later than we do today, so proportionately there is a similar balance.

On a couple of occasions, Joe from the Christogenea Forum mentioned the Corrupted Priesthood of the second temple in relation to Genesis chapter 4, for which I had looked back at my Malachi commentary. Now I realize that I may have discussed that connection even more deeply than I had in the commentary, as I merely gave it a notice. So Joe elaborated on the subject quite well as it helps to corroborate Clifton's assertions in his paper The Battle for the Priesthood

Walttheof mentioned the story of Og of Bashan's having survived the flood of Noah, which is actually according to a ridiculous interpretation found in the Aramaic Targums. There I may have reconciled our mean opinion of that account with our citation of the Targums in relation to Genesis chapter 4. Yet where we have cited the Targums, I have not held them as being authoritative. Rather, I have in the past explained that they only represent attempts by early writers to understand and reconcile the Scriptures, even if they sometimes fail.   

Many other subjects were discussed, and even some current events. We thank everyone who participated!