The Call of Gideon, and Open Lines

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Most of the callers were trolls, but I did not have much patience for trolls this evening. As for the ideas expressed here, we will continue to elaborate upon them in future programs.

The first caller, a troll, goes by the name of "Richard M." He is a rather consistent apologist for Joseph November but like Joe, he refuses to reveal or admit his true identity. The second troll, from North Georgia, was Jeromy Visser, who only wanted to play a recording but has not the courage to do much of anything else. He is a non-White infiltrator into Christian Identity who only seeks to defile it. An investigation into the little that he does produce fully reveals his Judaic tendencies and his lack of true Christian conviction. The third troll was Martin Lindstedt, the homosexual child molester who sat for nearly four years in a Missouri nuthouse in order to avoid trial for his crimes.  These men prove every week that their true intentions are to discredit Christian Identity, by trolling the Christogenea Talkshoe page incessantly while producing nothing worthwhile of their own.

There have been some complaints about my responses to these callers. Yes, my language was raw and harsh. I will not apologize, although I understand that the use of such language is unfortunate. I will not back down from these low-lifes, and would treat them the same way if I saw them in person, or perhaps even more harshly. The reasons why we are beset with these trolls are fully evident. If other Identity Christians would follow my example, and reject these infiltrators wherever they appear, and then reject all others who accept them, such as the impersonator calling himself "Eli James", then the lines would be a lot clearer and we would have far fewer problems.

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