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September 2023 Open Forum Discussion

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Among the subjects discussed this evening:

  • Interpreting the “kings of the east” reference in Revelation chapter 16. Asiatic billionaires and some aspects of their influence over Western governance.

  • Will there be Marriage after the Resurrection? The difficulties of speculating about life in the Kingdom of Heaven. The words of Christ concerning marriage after the Resurrection.

  • What to do on the Sabbath? The “rest” of Joshua.

  • Why is natural selection only applied to animals, and governments seek to prevent it among humans? The lack of consciousness among the other so-called races, and the impossibility of converting them.

  • How did angels get wings?

  • The Trojan horse of "smart cities". Twitter, Elon Musk and the ADL. VPNs and Jewish attempts to control the internet.

  • Medieval fairy tales and the wisdom of knowing that evil is genetic, in old tales about Witches, ogres, and trolls which taught children about good and evil people. Stories of trolls or leprechauns and gold are warnings of Jews (quip: leprechaun = “leper cohen”). Japanese tengu creatures relating to same phenomenon.

  • Class warfare promoted by Jews.

  • Deuteronomy 6:8 and wearing the law on one’s hand and between one’s eyes.

  • The death of Herod and the nature of his illness.

  • Secular White Nationalism, White Sharia, Islam and anti-racism. Muslims and usury.

  • Rachel, indirectly cursed by Jacob, was punished and died young because she stole the household gods of her father Laban, and therefore also wanted to steal his estate from her brothers.

  • The contrasting personalities of Esau and Jacob, hairy vs. smooth.

  • Spirits and unclean spirits vs. phantasma, or apparitions. “Soul sleep”.

  • Yahweh God, the hardening of pharaoh’s heart, the the free will of man.

  • Politics, parties, compromise and betrayal. Reasons for leaving the League of the South. The lesson of Gideon.

  • Benjamin Franklin on race, Blonde vs. Brunette in Europe. Tawny or brunet brethren vs. Arabs, and the Gospel dividing the wheat and tares.

  • Catholics, and most mainstream Christians do not read the Bible. The pattern of our critics having not read the Bible.

European Fellowship Forum, August 2023

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At the beginning of the program I thought this Euro Forum was a couple of weeks late, but it really has been overdue since June. I apologize to our European friends for my forgetfulness!

This Sunday afternoon we were joined by some of our friends in Europe, Britain, Australia and elsewhere for topical discussions and fellowship. Among the subjects discussed:

A recent appearance by Joe from the Christogenea Forum on a podcast called the "Godcast", where he defended our Christian Identity profession  . Since they are tied into the jew Mike Enoch's TRS network, and since they are highly critical of our profession, we would rather refer to them as The Dogcast, which is much more appropriate.

Some of the political circumstances in Germany, As well as some of the cultural conditions among Europeans in Germany and Britain. Are Europeans as depraved as they appear to be in social media? Of course, many Americans are no less depraved. Here we contrasted some of the more civil cultural habits remembered from our youth.

Of course there was more...

Listen to Joe on the July 1st episode of the Dogcast here. They claim this is the "raw" recording but we have reports that it was edited.

I had connection issues during the course of the program. The recording here was made on the server. For my local recording, see the link below or click here.

June 2023 Open Forum Discussion

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Among the topics discussed:

Joe on the Dogcast, our name for the so-called “Godcast”, who was going later in the evening to defend our Christian Identity profession against Lutheran and Orthodox heretics. Profession of belief, works of man required in Judeo Christian salvation, the Church Fathers and early Gnosticism and neo-platonism; scope of the New Covenant; scope of the words world and man, Martin Luther and “all the world”, by which he meant all of Europe; Heman and Ethan of 1 Kings 4:31 and the 88th and 89th Psalms were not necessarily immediate sons of Mahol, and lived in David's time; salvation, works and rewards.

The old saying "Ignorance is bliss" must have been coined by inverting Ecclesiastes 1:18: "For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow."

Churches teach self-righteousness, accept sinners, lead men to atheism or agnosticism; names as premonitions, i.e. Laban, Judith; the conception of the Messiah in first century Judaea: Christ as a warrior Messiah or suffering Messiah; the apocryphal Psalms and the Dead Sea Srolls; living in Babylon: the corrupt modern society, the fall of Babylon discussion and speculation; Gehenna, Hades and the Lake of Fire; Finding Christian Identity and the obligations and responsibility of knowledge; the Jewish gaslighting of words like "homophobe".

The four Greek words with various shades of meaning are all “love” in the English bibles; Zechariah chapter 14 and those who do not “keep the feast”; sobriety and temperance, is it okay to drink wine or beer? ; charity and how to do it; White nationalist failures; morality and war; is Psalm 151 canonical?

The importance of the next generation; burial or cremation? Is cremation acceptable?; the spirit and the body as a vessel; the apostle John in his later life, John’s witness of the passion of Christ; raising children in truth; the fate of children miscarried or born; and more…

April 2023 Open Forum Discussion

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Monday, May 1st, 10:00 AM: Evidently, our sound editor had left a 15 minute gap at an edit point in the final hour of the recording, however there was no missing content. The gap has now been repaired, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Among the topics discussed: Why should Christians endeavor to keep the law?; Why would Yahweh “allow” the fallen angels to corrupt men?; Should a woman who is a widowed mother rule a household?; How would people “come out” of Mystery Babylon after it falls?; The media chatter over monkeypox fizzled: only 38 apparent sodomites in the U.S. died of monkeypox and 33 of them were black; Discipline, work and sleep habits; Materialism; young men and vocations; The meanings of Hebrew words for branch, Nazarene and Nazarite; Was Samuel a Nazarite?; Jacob and Esau, debate over the birthright; Danny Updegraff talks about early Christian Identity, Bill Gale and Jeanne Snyder; Indians, Canaanites and Casinos; Deception in the Judaized churches…

European Fellowship Forum, March 2023

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Like the others, this European Fellowship Forum was off to a slow start, and picked up as the day progressed.

Among the topics discussed: Marriage and adultery in the modern world; Questions from Job chapters 40 & 41 on the use of the term leviathan; the term "orthodoxy" (see ὄρθος, δόξα, ὀρθόδοξος), the meaning of the term and how the modern orthodox are really what we had termed loxidox (see λοξός, λοξίας), or skeliodox (see σκολιός); handling the accusations of being "racist" from family and friends, and why such accusations are even an issue; a discussion of Biblical verse and chapter divisions; the issue of race in the first century Christian work called The Shepherd of Hermas; the eternal spirit instilled in the Adamic man and the Holy Spirit of Yahweh God; examples of the importance of studying ancient manuscripts and other witnesses, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls; the Old Testament is Christian and Judaism is in the Talmud; Justin Martyr's accusation of Jews removing passages from Scripture; passages missing in the Masoretic Text but found in other sources; the promises of Adamic resurrection; loyalty to State or to some system rather than loyalty to God a phenomenon of ancient and modern times, in Judaea and in the nations of today; the opinion that centuries are necessary to breed a race or nation out of existence. Prospects of Christian Identity fellowship within local communities; consumerism in Germany compared to America; the context of the statement "His blood be on us and our children" found in the mouths of the Jews in Matthew chapter 27 (around 2:24:30); admonitions against fellowship with aliens or those who reject Christ, the necessity of having to deal with sinners; errors of older Christian Identity teachers which must be corrected before agreement among Identity Christians is possible, and more...   

February 2023 Open Forum Discussion

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This Open Forum had a slow start, and improved as the evening progressed. Some participants evidently had technical problems with their microphones and could not participate. The server is in line for an upgrade.

I will publish a short list of subjects here soon...




European Fellowship Forum, December 2022

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This European Fellowship Forum ran for nearly four hours, during which we discussed a host of subjects. Among them, but not necessarily in this order:

  • The challenges with understanding the Bible from the perspective of its original historical context
  • The war in Ukraine and the concept of Greater Khazaria
  • The recent arrests in Germany of Reichsbürger advocates, an Imperial Burger vs. Imperial Citizen
  • The government as "god", libertarian freedom vs. freedom from sin
  • Feminism and polygamy in a world after the fall of Mystery Babylon
  • Brittney Griner, male or female? The image I saw last night turned out to be false.
  • Female sports and male participation therein
  • Ruth
  • The meaning of the concept of a name in the ancient world
  • The meaning of John 21:23 in relation to the apostle himself
  • The Christian expectation of suffering, and not necessarily prosperity
  • The life of Christ as an example for men

... and more.   

My thanks to all of our friends who participated, even if they did not all necessarily speak. Praise Christ!


December 2022 Open Forum Discussion

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Some of the subjects discussed throughout the program:

The ADL / InfoWars / Kanye West / Nick Fuentes / Donald Trump / Elon Musk media-driven circus, and why Christians should have no care for any of the clowns. Perhaps “Kanye didn’t kill Yeself” might be a t-shirt in the near future (/sarcasm).

Why there is not going to be another great White organization or leader who can be effective on a national or international scale. The next, and the only valid, great White leader is Christ.

The Christian duty to advocate for truth amongst other Whites in real life, and the misuse of social media. Christians should focus on developing and fostering local communities of like-minded people. This was the strategy of the earliest Christians as they awaited the fall of Jerusalem, and Rome.

The unconquerable Adamic spirit and the inability of the enemies of God to destroy the Adamic man, regardless of what happens in this world. The salt of the earth.

The evils of globalism and the rewriting or fabrication of the history of non-White nations, and now White, mostly by Communists. The disproportionate burden of taxes and the social services infrastructure on White taxpayers. Proposed reparations payments to negros by the State of California is a communist agenda.

Answering some who would obfuscate the purpose of Yahweh God in the flood of Noah: Does the Bible promote the nurture of bastards? Further discussion on the eternal Adamic spirit, which has been the subject of recent podcasts at Christogenea.

The humanism and paganism which underlie supposedly Christian rituals, and the fact that Christians are not expected to conduct rituals by Christ or His apostles. The pagan aspects of other Church doctrines or traditions. The non-authority of Christian so-called “priests”, a concept which did not exist before the 4th century.

And more...

European Fellowship Forum, September 2022

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Another discussion with our European friends and others.

Here we bantered about how to keep the Israelite feast days, how, why and a little about when; free will and sin; the recent experiences of some people falling ill with fatigue, and several other subjects. We also spoke of judgment, the law of God, and preservation, and had a brief report from a friend in the Donbas region. 

Can the ways of man be the Way of God? Can man understand the ways of God? Yes, according to the Scripture, by being obedient to the commandments of the law. 1 Kings 8:57-58; Isaiah 55:7-9; 63:16-17; 66:3; Ezekiel 18:24-32. This is why Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, although I did not mention that verse in the discussion.


August 2022 Open Forum Discussion

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This evening we spoke with some of our friends about whether there would be law in the Kingdom of God, King James Only Identity Christians, the nature of the Melchizedek priesthood and the differences in the Patriarchal chronology between the Masoretic Text and the Septuagint, and many other subjects. I may have metioned that while the patriarchs may have lived much longer than we do today, they also had children much later than we do today, so proportionately there is a similar balance.

On a couple of occasions, Joe from the Christogenea Forum mentioned the Corrupted Priesthood of the second temple in relation to Genesis chapter 4, for which I had looked back at my Malachi commentary. Now I realize that I may have discussed that connection even more deeply than I had in the commentary, as I merely gave it a notice. So Joe elaborated on the subject quite well as it helps to corroborate Clifton's assertions in his paper The Battle for the Priesthood

Walttheof mentioned the story of Og of Bashan's having survived the flood of Noah, which is actually according to a ridiculous interpretation found in the Aramaic Targums. There I may have reconciled our mean opinion of that account with our citation of the Targums in relation to Genesis chapter 4. Yet where we have cited the Targums, I have not held them as being authoritative. Rather, I have in the past explained that they only represent attempts by early writers to understand and reconcile the Scriptures, even if they sometimes fail.   

Many other subjects were discussed, and even some current events. We thank everyone who participated!

European Fellowship Forum, June 2022

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This morning we hosted an open forum scheduled at a time so that friends in Both Europe and America can participate, as well as from Australia.

Among the topics discussed:

  • The recent Dobbs v. Jackson decision, which would overturn Roe v. Wadeand the possible repercussions the case may have in the U.S.
  • The negative aspects of a recent SCOTUS decision which seems to support the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
  • The attitudes towards Christianity in Europe.
  • Some European attitudes towards the war in Ukraine.
  • The need for fellowship and the difficulty for Identity Christians to find it as most of them are isolated.
  • Necessity and difficulty of keeping Biblical food laws.
  • The destructive consequences of diversity.
  • Why godless governments require tyranny to sustain them.

Some connection issues were a nuisance in the later half of the first hour.

May 2022 Open Forum Discussion

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This evening a group of our friends tackled many questions which Christians may face today, concerning the role of women in the community, what Christians should be doing before the promised fall of Babylon, the obligation to have children, and many other day-to-day subjects. Having what we may perceive to be free will, could there once again be rebellion against Yahweh after the Resurrection? How could we even answer that question?  The difference between what theologians generally identify as the Divine Will and the Permissive Will of Yahweh God.


Open Forum Discussion, July 2021

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Taking a break from our commentary on the epistles of John as we prepare to travel this weekend, this evening we had a long discussion with some of our friends. Several different topics were discussed. Thanks to all who participated, you certainly are appreciated. Praise Yahweh!



Open Forum Discussion, May 2021

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Taking a brief hiatus between the Wisdom of Solomon and our coming commentary on the epistles of John, this evening we had a long discussion with some of our friends. Several different topics were discussed. Thanks to all who participated, you certainly are appreciated. Praise Yahweh!




Open Forum Discussion, March 2021

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Being on a road trip which has kept us much busier than we could have anticipated, this evening we decided to host another Open Forum. Here we discussed certain heresies which have been introduced into some supposedly Christian Identity circles, and the need for maintaining consistent fundamental principles in Biblical interpretation and in the formulation of sound Christian doctrine, among other things.

Thanks to all who participated, you certainly are appreciated. Praise Yahweh!


Twelve Years of Christogenea - Open Forum Discussion

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While we did not really speak much about Christogenea, that is okay, there are certainly more pressing matters to speak about. So the recent events in Washington DC and certain Identity Christians who have renewed the heresy of the Trinity Doctrine were the subjects which consumed most of the evening.

There were still some minor technical problems, but we are improving. We hope to do an Open Forum at least once each quarter this coming year, so we will do this again in early April!


Christogenea Open Forum Discussion - November 2020

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This evening we had another open forum discussion with some of our Forum Members and friends. Many topics of immediate interest to Identity Christians were discussed, and especially the methods of our approach to Scripture and why we hold them dear.

Also: Vindication on our series of commentaries on The Arab Question.


Christogenea Open Forum Discussion

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This evening we had an open forum discussion with some of our Forum Members and friends. This may give our listeners and other visitors to Christogenea some further insight into the attitudes and opinions of the members of our wider Christogenea community.

PS: The music was overbearing for the first few minutes of the podcast, for which we apologize. It has been 8 years since we used this format, and we will improve...




Spread the Message! and Open Lines?


Spread the Message! Identity Christians should seek to help spread the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the course of every day. We were supposed to have Open Lines tonight, but even with a plethora of listeners, there were no callers. Brother Ryan made the final half hour of the program, and continued the discussion for us.

Christian Humility, and Open Lines


One caller to this program asked about the trees in the garden of Eden, found in Genesis chapter 2 verses 15 and 16. I was a little reluctant to get into another entire explanation of the chapter, or my opinion of it. I would only recommend he list, or see the published notes, to Pragmatic Genesis, Part 3 where I explain my position on this chapter fully.