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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 16: The Nature of the Devil and Satan

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 16: The Nature of the Devil and Satan

In our last presentation, discussing the opening portion of Revelation chapter 12, we set forth the proposition that not only does the chapter describe the birth of Christ Himself, as well as other events of the remote past, but it also prophecies of the birth of a nation, or actually, of a kingdom under the dominion of Christ. The declaration was already made towards the end of chapter 11, which we interpret as a prophecy of the Reformation, that “15… The Kingdom of the Society of our Prince and of His Anointed has come, and He shall rule for the eternal ages!” We would cross-reference this passage with Daniel chapters 2 and 7 and the prophecy of a kingdom which belongs to the saints of the Most High. But here once again it is evident that an ongoing process is being described, and not a singular event, since a very similar declaration is made in this chapter, in a verse which we have not yet discussed, where we read “10… Now the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God has come.” As we had also asserted, the interpretations of this chapter are manifold, and each aspect deserves our full attention.

So now we shall continue our discussion with another aspect of this prophecy in Revelation chapter 12, as it reveals for us the nature and the origin of the Devil and Satan, who is also called the Serpent and the Great Dragon. We have already seen that it was the Great Dragon who had sought to kill the Christ child as soon as He was born, and in that instance this dragon must have been manifest in the person of Herod, the Edomite king of Judaea. But as it is described here later in this chapter, the same Dragon would go on to persecute the seed of the woman, so the Dragon cannot represent Herod alone, since Herod was dead by the time that the woman had received the testimony of Christ. So although Herod represented the Dragon, the Dragon is described as continuing long after Herod is gone, where it is evident that the Dragon, the Devil and Satan must all be terms which represent a collective entity rather than any mere individual. Here we see that the same entity is also referred to as the Serpent, and as “that Serpent of old,” long after that Serpent of old must also be dead, so once again we would assert that all of these terms represent a collective entity, even if they also describe individuals of that collection, or of that race, who had lived at any given time.

European Fellowship Forum, June 2022

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This morning we hosted an open forum scheduled at a time so that friends in Both Europe and America can participate, as well as from Australia.

Among the topics discussed:

  • The recent Dobbs v. Jackson decision, which would overturn Roe v. Wadeand the possible repercussions the case may have in the U.S.
  • The negative aspects of a recent SCOTUS decision which seems to support the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
  • The attitudes towards Christianity in Europe.
  • Some European attitudes towards the war in Ukraine.
  • The need for fellowship and the difficulty for Identity Christians to find it as most of them are isolated.
  • Necessity and difficulty of keeping Biblical food laws.
  • The destructive consequences of diversity.
  • Why godless governments require tyranny to sustain them.

Some connection issues were a nuisance in the later half of the first hour.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 15: The Birth of a New World Order

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 15: The Birth of a New World Order

In our last presentation in this commentary, discussing Revelation chapter 11 and The Two Witnesses, we saw in the period of the Reformation two significant events, each which had lasted for three-and-a-half days, or prophetic years in prophecy. These two witnesses represent those men who sought to keep the Word of God, but having seemingly been defeated they appeared to lie dead in the streets for that length of time. However they were revived, they recovered, and they were caught up into heaven, which we interpret to indicate that they would rise up and prevail so that they would assume a position of governance over the people in the place of those who slew them. In the ancient world, the seats of power and authority were esteemed to represent heaven on earth, and the architecture of palaces and temples reflected that belief. The very concept of kingship was said to have descended from heaven, ordained by the gods, and the kings were declared to be the sun on earth, the light of the world, and often they were even considered to be gods themselves. This is a complex subject, and an academic paper which discusses it at great length is titled Heaven On Earth, Temples, Ritual, and Cosmic Symbolism in the Ancient World, from a seminar held at the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago.

Now here in Revelation chapter 12, we shall encounter this ancient view of heaven once again, and we shall see that it is indeed expressed in the allegories of the Revelation. But Paul of Tarsus had also used similar allegories, where he wrote in Ephesians chapter 6 urging his readers to: “11 Put on the full armor of Yahweh, for you to be able to stand against the methods of the False Accuser, 12 because for us the struggle is not against blood and flesh, but against realms, against authorities, against the rulers of the order of this darkness, against the spiritual things of wickedness among the heavenly places.” Paul was not describing a battle with invisible demons, but a battle for the hearts and minds of men who would hear the Gospel of Christ. Earlier in that epistle, in chapter 3, he expressed the purpose of his own ministry and said: “8 To me, the least of all saints, has been given this favor, to announce the good message to the Nations - the unsearchable riches of the Anointed, 9 and to enlighten all concerning the management of the household of the mystery which was concealed from the ages by Yahweh, by whom all things are being established. 10 In order that the exceedingly intricate wisdom of Yahweh would now become known to the realms and to the authorities in heavenly places through the assembly, 11 in accordance with the purpose of the ages, which He has done in Yahshua Christ our Prince.” Of course, the household of the mystery is the nations of the children of Israel who were no longer aware of their heritage, but Paul was announcing it to them.

The Widening Gulf and the Tolerance of Evil, with Dr. Michael Hill

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This essay was expanded and presented in full in December, 2022 here: The Widening Gulf and the Tolerance of Evil

The Widening Gulf and the Tolerance of Evil

The idea that a nation could be both great and immoral is primarily a Jewish conception which has been pushed upon us in the name of liberalism. But such a nation cannot endure. There cannot be a great society which fosters immorality. It will no longer be great but rather it shall destroy itself in its sin. Rome and Sodom, as well as Weimar Germany, all stand as signal historical examples of this very phenomenon. Immorality is satanic and it has destroyed every nation which has ever experimented with attempts to give it any legitimacy. When those enemies of our God want to destroy a nation, they begin by promoting immorality, and that is precisely what they have done in America. They are the historic purveyors of usury, gambling, prostitution, sodomy, miscegenation, pornography, other sorts of vain entertainment and every other sin on account of which we as a people have fallen.

Perhaps until only recently, the values of most Southerners had not changed. In an article titled The Great Divide Dr. Hill had contrasted American and Southern and expressed many of our sentiments here from a different perspective. One important point he had made is that so-called “American values” are not definable, so America really has no values of its own. We would wholeheartedly agree. Original American values are found in the constitutions and laws of the various States, which sometimes differed from one another in varying degrees. A government can only reflect the values of its people, and now there is such a disparity among the values of its people that it can not stand.

One of the several position papers which attracted me to the League of the South is titled The League and Theocracy. In that paper it is explained that: “By a theocracy, we do not mean a government run by pastors and priests… Rather, a theocracy is a government ruled by the… God of the Bible… More precisely, it is a government whose code of law is firmly grounded in the law of the Bible.” Then just as importantly, it is stated that “All law is ultimately ‘religious’ in nature. Some ultimate standard of morality and ethics is the basis of all law.” This is absolutely true. But sadly most people seem to be oblivious to this truth. They must ask themselves, if the laws of our nation or community are not the laws of our God, then whose laws are they? The laws of man are arbitrary, but the laws of God are eternal.

White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance, Part 4: Jacob and Esau for Dummies

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White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance, Part 4: Jacob and Esau for Dummies

The "friend" I discuss in this podcast is David Duke. We spoke at length after the 2022 League of the South Conference in June. A few days after I finished it, I sent him a slightly redacted version of the notes. He never answered, but he is still spreading his lies and making his false arguments. Sadly, most unlearned people readily accept them.

There are one of two ways by which most people approach Scripture, and the first I will mention is the path taken by only a very small minority. One may study the entire Scripture, and eventually take the time to examine the original languages and the context of every passage, noticing who is speaking about whom and to whom it is that the words are directed. The second path is taken by the vast majority, even scholars in other or related fields who are not theologians. On that path, one reads the Scripture superficially, picking out verses or phrases that can be fit into one agenda or the other, because it seems to support some particular assertion or belief.

This past weekend, and for the first time ever, I was able to have a long conversation with a man with whom I have always been in conflict, whom I will not name here since he had indicated, even after we spoke for over an hour, that the conversation is not yet completed. So since I am not going to name him this evening, even if many of our listeners may recognize who it is to whom I am referring, and even if he is actually an acquaintance and not a personal friend, I will simply refer to him as a friend for our purposes here. I know that there are some listeners who will not even like that, but kindness and civility should be returned, and our conversation was conducted with mutual respect and free of any hostility or arrogance.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 14: The Two Witnesses

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 14: The Two Witnesses

Presenting Revelation chapter 10 and the vision of the angel with the little book which was opened, we made the assertion that this prophecy had begun to be fulfilled with the Protestant Reformation. It certainly describes some of the circumstances which had set the foundation for and which ultimately led to the Reformation, and that is the next significant development of European history in the wake of the Arab and Turkic invasions of Europe which were described in the prophetic visions of Revelation chapter 9.

History is never merely black-and-white, and once one begins to study it earnestly, one should rather quickly discover that there are ever-increasing degrees of complexity in the layers of circumstances and conditions which underlie and precipitate significant world events. So while the many visions of the Revelation describe future history and historical circumstances in broad strokes, we also have tried to avoid becoming mired in historical details as we endeavor to explain their fulfillment. But as we have already explained, an understanding of history is necessary in order to comprehend their fulfillment.

May 2022 Open Forum Discussion

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This evening a group of our friends tackled many questions which Christians may face today, concerning the role of women in the community, what Christians should be doing before the promised fall of Babylon, the obligation to have children, and many other day-to-day subjects. Having what we may perceive to be free will, could there once again be rebellion against Yahweh after the Resurrection? How could we even answer that question?  The difference between what theologians generally identify as the Divine Will and the Permissive Will of Yahweh God.


On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 13: The Little Book and the Reformation

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 13: The Little Book and the Reformation

Here we shall proceed with our commentary on the Revelation of Yahshua Christ while urging our listeners, or readers, to bear in mind our assertion that these visions related by John each describe certain historical processes which become evident in the most significant events of history since the time when John had received them, at the end of the first century. For nearly as soon as the people of Yahweh God had overrun the Roman Empire, as it is described in Daniel chapter 2 and in Revelation chapters 6 through 8, two little horns came up which would make war against the Body of Christ, as it is described in Daniel chapters 7 and 8, and each of those horns are described as falling, or fallen, stars in Revelation chapters 8 and 9.

Hopefully, according to our last presentation here it is fully apparent that Revelation chapter 9 is a prophecy of the Mohammedan invasions of Christian Europe first by the Arabs, and then by the Turks. Once that is accepted, perhaps then it should also become evident that Christ Himself had dehumanized both Arabs and Turks in His Own description of their attacks on the body of His people, which is also His Body. The Arabs and Turks are not described as people gone astray who may be considered as candidates for conversion to Christianity, but as locusts and destroying plagues who would torment His people for their sins.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 12: The Condemnation of Roman and Byzantine Churches

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 12: The Condemnation of Roman and Byzantine Churches

As we proceed with our commentary on the Revelation, we shall hopefully be able to even more clearly elucidate the fact that its prophesies have foretold many of the most notable events of the history of these past two thousand years. But these are not singular events. Rather, most of them take place over several or even many centuries, so they really describe historical processes instead. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse describe four processes and sets of circumstances in the course of the history of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, which from the time that it began extending overseas to the time of the fall of the western portion of the empire, which includes Rome itself, had lasted over seven hundred years. During the last three centuries of that process, the Germanic tribes were contending with the empire with increasing frequency until they were finally able to overrun it completely.

We may call these events processes because, as it is defined in common sources, a process is “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” Once men ever realize that Yahshua Christ and the prophets of Yahweh in the Old Testament have described these historical processes long before they actually began to unfold, then we must admit that the particular end of them which has been achieved is indeed the will of God, that He is true and He has set the course of the history of men to accomplish His purposes. Men must then admit that whether they submit to Him or not, they have no choice but to do His will, whether it be for their own good or for their own destruction, which is also something that He has already determined.

The entire process of the rise and fall of the Roman empire, as we have already discussed at length, was also prophesied by Daniel, in chapter 2 of the Book of Daniel in our Bibles. When we realize that Revelation chapters 6 through 8 parallel Daniel chapter 2 then the identification of these prophecies with the fall of Rome is irrefutable. However now we must digress to discuss another vision in Daniel which also describes the rise and fall of Rome, which is found in Daniel chapter 7. We had previously promised this discussion in relation to Revelation chapter 13, and we will reserve the greatest part of it for that time. But there are certain elements of it which we must comment upon here, because it foretells of historical events and circumstances leading up to things which we shall see prophesied here in Revelation chapter 9.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 11: The Fall of an Empire

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 11: The Fall of an Empire

Describing the sealing of the hundred and forty four thousand unsoiled saints of the tribes of Israel as The Assurance of God in Revelation chapter 7, we also saw that there was a much greater assurance, that an innumerable multitude “from all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues” would also be preserved, although they would first wash their garments in the blood of the Lamb, in what was described as a great tribulation. It is this latter group which is depicted as having made the exclamation that “Salvation is with our God sitting upon the throne and with the Lamb”, and therefore although they may not have been assigned the same special status as the hundred and forty four thousand who were sealed, they are nevertheless saved, in the eternal sense of the word as it is used in Scripture.

One common practice of many so-called pastors or theologians is to take a small portion of a prophecy, remove it from its original context, and apply it in some manner which suits themselves. Often by doing so they build entire sects around their own sick delusions. So there have been many fabulous theories proposed concerning the hundred and forty four thousand of the tribes of Israel who are sealed in Revelation chapter 7, and anyone who has ever promoted any of them should never be taken seriously about anything else which they may say about Scripture. This is because rather frequently men would prefer to write their own bible rather than seek to understand the Bible as it was written. When they do that, through their wild interpretations of Scripture they are actually announcing a Gospel which is contrary to the Gospel of Christ.